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Meet Joseph DiSomma, Convicted Felon and Controller of St. Francis Prep

My first year at St. Francis Prep, I worked for Br. Mark. He was the head of the Computer Science and Business Department. I liked him very much. Besides being a good man, on his free periods he would light scented candles in our office and crochet. What's not to like?

A few months into that school year, Br. Mark told me that the man running the school's finances,
Joseph Disomma, is a convicted jewel thief. He told me his nickname is Joey Diamonds, and that he has mafia ties. He told me many things, but that was one of them. That was a biggie. He also told me that so long as he was there, he would protect me from all the nonsense that the administration dished out. Those were his exact words, "I will protect you." Br. Mark quit at the end of that school year  - 2008 - and he had to get permission from Br. Bill Boslet, the Superior General of the Franciscans, to do it. Br. Mark just could not take the bullshit anymore. He gave me three main reasons he was leaving - Br. Leonard, Patrick McLaughlin, and Joseph Disomma. On his last day, he apologized to me. He said "I'm sorry I won't be able to protect you anymore." But I am a big girl, I knew I would handle it.

About a year later, my good friend at the time, Andrea, was overheard in the faculty lounge talking about Joey Diamonds. She was soon summoned to Patrick McLaughlin's office, and Joseph Disomma was there. She was told to never speak of "Joey Diamonds" again, so she didn't.

Someone who is now a reporter for Newsday, and who previously worked at the Daily News, recently forwarded some information about Joseph "Joey Diamonds" Disomma,.

This is what her investigation turned up:

The SFP principal refused to get on the phone with me when told I was
calling about Disomma.

 From Federal Parole spokesman:

Joseph Disomma, DOB 1/28/1966, was sentenced to 57 months in prison
for conspiracy to commit robbery.

He was convicted on May 11, 1992 in the Southern NY District under
Judge Cedarbaum.

His sentence started on Oct. 19, 1993.

He was released on Sept. 19, 1997.

He was at the following facilities in chronological order:

Danbury, CT (minimum security)

Loretto, PA (low security - an UPGRADED security level from min.)

Fort Dix, NJ (low security)

Then to a half-way house under NY Correction supervision

He had 223 days shaved off his sentence for good behavior, and 79 days
credited for time served during the trial.

Newsday (New York)

May 29, 1991, Wednesday, CITY EDITION

Thieves Convicted

BYLINE: M.P. McQueen


LENGTH: 87 words

Four men have been convicted on charges they operated a violent
jewelry theft and fencing racket, stealing more than $ 1.2 million
over eight years in robberies from New Jersey to Florida.

Paul Tinnirello, 37, of Babylon, L.I.; Lorenzo Gregory, 36, of Staten
Island, Joseph DiSomma, 25 of Brooklyn and Charles Lachterman, 41, who
is being held in the Metropolitan Correctional Center because he has
been convicted of state burglary charges, were convicted by a federal
district court jury in Manhattan Friday.

U.S. v. FRIEDMAN - Argued November 30, 1992.



998 F.2d 53 (1993)

UNITED STATES of America, Appellee-Cross-Appellant,


Felix FRIEDMAN, Lawrence Tinnirello, Paul Tinnirello, Lorenzo Gregory,
a/k/a "Fat Larry," Frank Mucchiello, a/k/a "Frankie Mooch," Joseph
DiSomma, a/k/a "Joe Diamonds," Francis Tinnirello, Michael Pugliese,
and Charles Lachterman, a/k/a "Charlie Lucky," Defendants,

Charles Lachterman, Defendant-Appellant, and

Joseph DiSomma, Defendant-Appellant-Cross-Appellee.

Nos. 617, 446, 467, Dockets 92-1373, 92-1274, 92-1306.

United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit.

Argued November 30, 1992.

Decided June 10, 1993.

James B. Comey, Asst. U.S. Atty., New York City (Otto G. Obermaier,
U.S. Atty. for the S.D.N.Y., Andrew C. McCarthy, Asst. U.S. Atty., New
York City, of counsel), for appellee-cross-appellant.

Linda Imes, Richards Spears Kibbe & Orbe, New York City (Michele R.M.
Campbell, Debevoise & Plimpton, New York City, of counsel), for
defendant-appellant Charles Lachterman.

Joann Harris, New York City, for defendant-appellant-cross-appellee
Joseph DiSomma.

Before: OAKES and WINTER, Circuit Judges, and CONBOY,* District Judge.


WINTER, Circuit Judge:

This appeal by Charles Lachterman and Joseph DiSomma1 involves
questions regarding the applicability of U.S.S.G. § 2X1.1 to Hobbs Act
convictions, a sentencing court's degree of discretion in applying an
obstruction of justice enhancement when the jury has necessarily
concluded that the defendant lied at trial, and the proof sufficient
to establish that predicate acts are related to a criminal RICO

[ 998 F.2d 55 ]

We affirm in part, vacate in part, and remand for resentencing.


These appeals arise from convictions following a government
investigation into the criminal activities of the "Friedman/Tinnirello
Organization." Viewing the evidence in the light most favorable to the
government, the following facts were established at trial. Since 1983,
the Friedman/Tinnirello group, operating from a variety of retail
stores and jewelry booths in Manhattan's 47th Street jewelry district,
fenced hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen personal
property and jewelry. Members of the group also maintained a steady
supply of jewelry through a wide variety of robberies, burglaries, and
fraudulent schemes. The nucleus of the group consisted of three
brothers, Lawrence, Paul, and Francis Tinnirello, as well as Felix
Friedman, Joseph DiSomma, and Lorenzo Gregory. This opinion concerns
only the activities of Joseph DiSomma (Tinnirello's cousin) and
Charles Lachterman, see Note 1 supra, who were convicted for their
roles in the organization.

A. Joseph DiSomma

In the fall of 1989, Lawrence Tinnirello, Lawrence Taylor, and Richard
Skowronski conspired to rob the Telco Jewelry store where Skowronski
worked. United States v. Skowronski,968 F.2d 242 (2d Cir.1992). The
government alleges that Joseph DiSomma, Skowronski's closest friend,
was part of this conspiracy and was instrumental in its planning. The
store carried between $200,000 and $300,000 in inventory and was
equipped with a safe and a metal roll-down gate which covered the
storefront at closing. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the period
of the conspiracy, the store also employed security guards during the
evening hours of business. The plan called for the robbers to enter
the Telco store after the exterior window gates had been closed for
the day and "clean ... the whole ... place out."

Government wire-taps revealed that on November 18, Tinnirello and
Taylor discussed the proposed robbery. Tinnirello indicated that he
would "check ... out" the Telco store, pretending to be an ordinary
customer, and that they would "move" if the store contained at least
$200,000 in jewelry. Two days later, Tinnirello left a message on
DiSomma's answering machine saying that he wanted "to meet Richie
[Skowronski] this week and take a look at that thing." DiSomma
returned the call, saying that he had spoken with Skowronski about the
plan. The two agreed that they should meet with Skowronski after
Thanksgiving. On November 27, Tinnirello informed DiSomma that he and
Taylor would check out the Telco store the following day, but would
warn Skowronski of their planned visit. DiSomma added that Skowronski
should not greet them, thereby revealing that he knew them, but should
just "be cool" when they arrived at the store.

On Thanksgiving morning, Tinnirello recruited Charles Lachterman, a
professional thief, for the robbery, saying:

I got an inside guy that works somewhere. The same thing that me and
you are into.... Its just him and two girls, and he wants to take the
whole ... place.... I already, right, have two guys.... Now my friend
works in there. You understand? So it's a setup. Ya put the ... gate
down, ya take the showcases, the ... vault, and leave.

On December 13, attempting to prevent the robbery, FBI agents visited
Skowronski, accused him of planning to rob the Telco store, and
implied that one of his associates had informed on him. Skowronski
asserted his innocence, denied knowledge of any wrongdoing, and the
agents left. Skowronski drove to a phone booth, made three phone
calls, and returned home. Shortly thereafter, DiSomma arrived at
Skowronski's residence. The two drove to a pay phone booth and called
Tinnirello. DiSomma told Tinnirello that "[w]e got trouble" and urged
him to "go out to a pay phone and call me back." Tinnirello protested
that he had no car available and asked what was wrong. DiSomma
answered that there was trouble for them and Skowronski, but told
Tinnirello to keep quiet. When Tinnirello insisted his phone was not
tapped and pressed DiSomma for details, DiSomma refused to disclose
more, saying only that the situation was serious

[ 998 F.2d 56 ]

and that Tinnirello must get to a pay phone.

Later that day, DiSomma and Tinnirello spoke of the FBI's visit to
Skowronski and the possibility that Skowronski would cooperate with
the government. DiSomma argued that Skowronski would not cooperate
because he is a "stand-up kid." DiSomma later advised Tinnirello that
he had taken care of Skowronski's nervousness. Two days later, DiSomma
told Tinnirello in a coded conversation that Skowronski's co-worker at
the Telco Jewelry store had been contacted by the FBI but that
"everything is good." Tinnirello conveyed that DiSomma should dispose
of his firearm, and DiSomma replied that both he and Skowronski
already had.

DiSomma was later arrested and charged with RICO conspiracy and
substantive offenses, a Hobbs Act violation, and mail fraud. A jury
convicted him only on the Hobbs Act charge. He attacks this conviction
as unsupported by the evidence, violative of his due process rights,
and improper because the lower court should have dismissed the charge
for lack of venue. He also challenges the sentencing court's
three-point addition for possession of a firearm in connection with
the robbery conspiracy. We affirm.

The government cross-appeals DiSomma's sentence, arguing that the
district court improperly applied U.S.S.G. § 2X1.1 and improperly
considered the obstruction of justice enhancement as discretionary. We
agree and remand for resentencing.

DiSomma argues that the evidence does not support his conviction under
the Hobbs Act. First, he claims that there is insufficient evidence of
any conspiracy at all. The wiretaps, in his view, record only
Tinnirello's rambling, incoherent monologues and not a conspiracy
joined by others. He next argues that, even if Tinnirello and others
were planning a robbery, there is insufficient evidence that he was
involved. DiSomma characterizes his phone calls to Tinnirello as part
of his effort to help his cousin through a difficult time. As for the
references to "the thing" involving Telco Jewelry, DiSomma claims that
it is just as likely that he was simply directing Tinnirello and
Taylor to Telco in order to facilitate a legitimate jewelry purchase.
He claims Taylor was looking for a diamond engagement ring and that he
referred him to Skowronski for the purchase. He also argues that his
incriminating phone calls to Tinnirello following the FBI visit may be
equally well understood as reflecting his concern over unrelated

DiSomma mistakes our task on appeal. DiSomma's testimony was submitted
to the jury who weighed it and found it wanting. It is not for us to
weigh, as DiSomma would have us, "competing inferences and
explanations" about which explanation is more likely. United States v.
Stanley,928 F.2d 575, 577 (2d Cir.), cert. denied, ___ U.S. ___, 112
S.Ct. 141, 116 L.Ed.2d 108 (1991). We cannot reverse a conviction
merely because the defendant's exculpatory account is plausible.
Rather, we must affirm so long as, drawing all inferences in the
government's favor, a reasonable jury might fairly have found DiSomma
guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. See United States v. Buck,804 F.2d
239, 242 (2d Cir.1986). The evidence here was sufficient.

First, we have already rejected Skowronski's challenge as to the
sufficiency of the evidence as to the Telco conspiracy. Skowronski,
968 F.2d at 247-48. We therefore obviously reject DiSomma's first
contention that the evidence will not support the finding of
conspiracy; at the very least, Skowronski and Tinnirello could be
found to have actively conspired to rob the store.

Second, DiSomma's challenge to the evidence of his involvement is
similarly unsuccessful. After establishing the existence of the Telco
scheme, the government presented evidence that DiSomma: set up a
meeting with Skowronski and Tinnirello to talk about the plan, warned
Tinnirello not to visit the store without first warning Skowronski,
and made incriminating phone calls to Tinnirello upon learning of the
FBI's visit to Skowronski. This evidence was more than sufficient to
allow the jury to conclude that DiSomma was one of the "two [other]
guys" with whom Tinnirello and Skowronski were conspiring to rob the

Joseph Disomma started working at St. Francis Prep as Assistant to the Treasurer. He was promoted to Controller after Br. Ralph died. 

A few months after I launched my website, some posts went up about Joey Diamonds. Someone named Michelle DeRosalito reported those Burns to us and told us to take them down because they "linked" his real life cases to his job. Someone also visited my web designer at his job and "asked" him to make sure those Burns about Joey Diamonds came down. This person said they did not care about any of the other posts about the school, just those posts. I was concerned about the safety my young son, so they came down. 

I believe that rehabilitation is possible, and I believe in redemption, but I don't think putting someone who was convicted of conspiring to commit robbery (while possessing a firearm) in charge of the finances at the country's largest Catholic High School is the wisest decision.

 Do you?


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A Former Member of the Clergy Who Knows Brother Ben Sent These Letters...And More From Angel Amore

We published excerpts from these emails in October in another venue, and I also wrote a version of the following blog at that time that did not include the Angel Amore tidbits. I didn't publish it, but today I thought what the heck and I added the Angel Amore stuff. The letters were sent several months ago by a former member of the clergy who lived in close quarters with Br. Ben. We deleted a few words to protect his identity, at his request.

I just wanted to say how much I admire Felicia!!  She's the only one in almost 30 years to put an end to Ben's nonsense!!
But.....if you think HE'S at all affected, you're mistaken.  He's still there (in the Friary) telling anyone who'll listen how WONDERFUL he is.  He's a smarmy, horrid, EVIL little man.  Felicia described him to a "T"....!!
Isn't it amazing that he went from "he wants to give her pleasure" to "she's a crazy girl with a vendetta against men" ?  (!!!)
He's a grown man!!  HE should know right from wrong.  The reason he got away with his nonsense all these years is that he gave out good grades didn't have to do much.... just "worship" him!!!
I left the Prep in the early _0's because I couldn't take him thing I ever did !!
Among his own confreres he's known as "Benjafu*k" !!!
Anyway, good luck...  I feel bad.  SFP  was  a nice place.  Once HE moved in we had to start locking doors.

And his CONSTANT self adulation was too much.   He was also very willing to tear people down just to make himself look taller.

Then this person sent this directly to Felicia:

Hey Felicia....
I just wanted to congratulate you and  thank you for being so brave!!!  It's about time someone blew the whistle on that little weasel!!    He was a terrible teacher who did nothing.  He got away with it for so long because he gave out the the students just learned to put up with it.
I believe every word you said, because I actually LIVED with him.  He is a terrible person.  It's just his style to badmouth someone who's a threat to him or BULLY someone into submission.  Good for you for standing up to him.  Unfortunately, with his personality, he STILL thinks  he's God's gift to the world.   By the way, he's about the ONLY ONE who thinks that way.
I wish you the best of luck. NO ONE should have to put up with that.  I put the blame on HIM..... an administrator or someone in authority SHOULDN'T HAVE to tell a 62 year old BROTHER what's proper and improper.
He tells everyone that he's just fine..... they just found him to be "NAIVE" ....  I agree .... he was naive to  think he could get away with it forever.
"Creepy"  is a great description of him.  I'm so sorry you had to go through it.  You were NOT the only one.  Like I said , people didn't come forward because  they were getting the grades was too bad  it lasted that long.

Just know that YOU did nothing wrong!!   He thinks he can do anything he wants.   It's about time someone called him on it.

Then he sent this to her:

Yes.... he's  still living there .....and he's  STILL telling people how wonderful he is.
I am ________________... Ben was PART of the reason I left.   I used to be proud to be a ___________.... being associated with him  was awful!!!   I agree, he should have been put out long ago.  He was  "nice guy" because he gave out grades for very little work....all you had to do  was "worship" him.  I thought that he would have been put out long ago.... but I thought it would be because of the fact that he was a terrible teacher....  he wasn't above giving out the questions  / answers to the final exams.  I knew he had a weird
attraction to the girls.....but to be honest I just thought it was "over compensation".
I just know that I couldn't go on living was HELL on earth!!
And what was with all those SONGS????     It just seemed so dumb to me.

And then this:

Unfortunately, Ben is only interested in ONE THING:    BEN!!!   He is , and always has been a self absorbed, selfish little man.  Years ago he was ENCOURAGED to live somewhere else, but he refused.
You have to understand - BEN IS NEVER WRONG!!!   As for his being naive..... that's just nonsense!!  I don't doubt your account as to what transpired when you reported him, but I still blame HIM!!!  But I agree that something should have happened IMMEDIATELY after you reported it.  "That's just the way he is and wasn't it funny" just doesn't cut if for me.
He knew early on that he was way out of his league at the time it was an ACADEMIC institution....we took education seriously.   He tried to go back to Bishop Ford, his former school....but they WOULDN'T take him back (does that tell you something?)
I have to tell you I feel very bad for all that is happening, but I do understand it....SFP is a SCHOOL....not a PLAYGROUND for teachers / brothers who NEVER grew up!!!
EVERYTHING you said about Ben rings true....I have no doubt that all the rest is true  also, and that's  tragic.  As far as I'm concerned, THAT MAN has contributed in great part to the downfall of a once great institution.

And finally this:

You've been through enough.  And , as I've said before, with all of this going on, BEN is on his merry way, without a care in the world.  The SHAME won't be cast on HIM.  I find this disgusting.  I don't know how many people he's led AWAY from the Church!!
You've seen his "MO" first hand....he'll get other students to do his dirty work, spreading whatever lies he can to protect himself.  And his  "humble friar" routine is sickening.
I just hope that eventually you can get past this.  HE'S in a lot worse shape than you are!!  He will NEVER admit that he's anything less than perfect.  The fact that at one time he wanted to devote his life to give you pleasure and NOW he wants to see you destroyed should tell you something about his character.

I just want you to know that if there is EVER a trial (and I hope there IS!),  I plan to be there.  And I think you can guess on which side I'll be sitting.

Now, some more of what Angel Amore told me:

And then a few pages later:

I know what you're thinking. Yes, I agree, it's all so nuts. But I said it before and I will say it again: Without Angel, I never would have been able to connect so many dots. Many people are grateful that I did.

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A Letter From Felicia Mooradian

Felicia asked to use this blog to thank her supporters and we are very happy to accommodate:

I want to begin by thanking, with all my heart, the alumni, current students, and the current/former teachers who have stood by me since I went public. I have received countless messages of support from people all over the world. Due to the circumstances, I've had to shut my Facebook down for a while, but your kind words have been passed along to me by friends. I read your messages over and over when the going gets tough and I find the strength to carry on this battle- if not for myself, for other victims who have been afraid to speak up.

It took me a while to come to the decision to reveal my identity. I was afraid of a backlash like the one I endured when I was a freshman. What finally galvanized me into going public was a message from a current teacher. This teacher witnessed certain administrators bragging about having Jane Doe “over a barrel.”  To have someone over a barrel is to have that person at your mercy- it is a degrading, disrespectful expression, and is particularly arrogant when being used to describe a young woman who was sexually harassed as a child at your school. These administrators were capitalizing on what they perceived was my weakness- my hesitancy to use my name- by threatening to publicize me. I can only speculate that their intent in threatening to disclose my identity was intimidation, as there was no legal benefit to doing so. In retrospect, I appreciate their actions, because going public has been rewarding and cathartic. I feel as though I have been liberated of a dark burden; I am not ashamed anymore.

What has been in the media regarding my case is only a fraction of my entire story, as there is a limit on what can be run by newspapers and television. I hope to elucidate some details for you in this letter. For what it’s worth, everything I have stated is 100% true. I will swear on a stack of bibles and everyone I love that every piece of information I have shared regarding my case is factual; I will go to my grave knowing I have spoken the God’s honest truth.

When I was a freshman at St. Francis Prep, I was sexually harassed by Brother Ben, as were several of my peers. It never should've happened. The final straw came when I was alone with Ben in his classroom. He took my hands in his, looked into my eyes and said, “You know, Felicia, my goal in life is to give you pleasure.” When I reported Ben, I also reported another teacher who was engaging in highly disturbing activities with my classmate. It was my classmate’s victimization that prompted me to report it all at once. I knew something had to be done. I was told by the administrator I reported Ben to that my word wasn't sufficient, and so I returned to his office with many other girls who had been harassed. Imagine my terror when I found out that in spite of numerous first-hand accounts of Ben’s inappropriate behavior, not only was nothing being done, but my anonymity had been tossed aside. Ben was told I had reported him and he made a show of it.

At the time I reported him, I was informed that Ben didn't deny what he did. He explained that his flirtation with girls was his way of "connecting" with them. If it hadn’t been for my parents pleading with a certain administrator to discipline Ben, nothing would've changed. Prior to their meeting in person, this administrator hung up on my distraught father, and my mother, who was in the first trimester of a high-risk pregnancy, had to call back and beg this administrator to think of his own child being harassed. My parents came to the school, where they had a meeting with several administrators. One of these administrators admitted to my parents that Ben had been reprimanded before for asking girls to do splits in their skirts for extra credit. It has been brought to my attention that there is a RateMyTeacher post, still on the website, regarding those incidents dating back to 2004. When Ben was finally evaluated by a professional, he was rightfully found unfit to work with children. This was reported to my parents.

Following his evaluation, Ben was removed from the classroom. He was, however, given the choice to change residences or remain living at St. Francis Prep. He chose the latter. Soon after he was removed from teaching, Ben made a trip to his former classroom, where he told several of my peers that I was a crazy lunatic with a vendetta against men. Some students in the school, who did not know any better at the time, bullied me because Ben had been terminated. It escalated to the point of death threats, and I spent a lot of time in the school chapel, praying for a respite. In time, the bullying abated, but until the day I graduated, I never shook the notoriety that followed me throughout my four years at St. Francis Prep.

I hope that by breaking down these events, I have clarified some things for those of you with questions. I have been asked a lot about a possible protest during Open House. I do not know who is organizing this. If any of you plan to attend, I ask that you please protest peacefully. Please convey the message without violence or objectionable behavior. It is admirable to stand united for a just cause, as long as it is done the right way.

I will keep you updated on new developments as they occur.

Again, thank you for standing by me. It means more to me than I can adequately express in a letter. Every part of my story is true, and I am most grateful that you believe me.



The protest is at noon across the street from St. Francis Prep this Saturday, Oct. 19th, during their Open House. There will be a rally party immediately after so that the community can continue to discuss important issues. Contact for more details.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kevin Mulhearn Represents 19 Yeshiva University High School Plaintiffs in $380,000,000 Lawsuit, In Addition to St. Francis Prep Plaintiffs

This article was in the NY Daily News a couple of days ago about the disgusting sexual abuse at Yeshiva University High School for boys:

Kevin Mulhearn currently represents 19 plaintiffs who have filed against Yeshiva University. The school's Chancellor also resigned.

Kevin Mulhearn has stated that in the coming weeks he believes he will be filing several more lawsuits against St. Francis Prep. What is interesting is that like the Yeshiva cases, it appears that several of the sexual abusers/harassers he has received calls about are still alive. But unlike the Yeshiva cases, most of the abusers are not hiding out in Israel. They are still in the U.S., some a few states away, some only a few miles from the school, and some living in the school.  

It is going to be very interesting. We will keep you posted and you will see the amended complaint here, when it is officially filed.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

St. Francis Prep, People Know the Truth

We received the letter below on our email address from a St. Francis Prep alumnus. We just want to say two things. Thank you to the man who wrote it, and that if you want to expose scandal or corruption, please use our website. is going in that direction and we will help you any way we can.

I am just becoming aware of your website\ eyes have been glued to it. A friend of mine made me aware of the article in the DN today. So many memories surfacing... I was at Prep in the 90s...I often tell people the stories of what went on there, often in the comparisons of Catholic School vs Public School. How my Catholic School was by far worse than most public schools. Sex in the school, woods.....every drug known to man, kiddie touchers....kid\teacher name it, all there.
I'm taking a break from your site....baffled, not really sure I know how I feel.
So many of the people you've listed here...I've had my own experiences with, nothing that would warrant a legal action...but experiences none the less. I was on the football team, acted the part then, very vocal...most in the administration would say I was a troublemaker then. I was sent home for an at home suspension for conduct the school did not find appropriate. How ironic....though, I remember thinking then, I had no voice, no power....yes, I did wrong, but I knew then a lot of the nonsense that went on and I knew they were all Hippocrates to judge me. My own defiance as a kid I guess...I was aware enough to know, they had no moral standing over me.
Stenger was a perv, yes...if you went to prep with him knew that. By the time I was around he was old and quiet, we used to make fun of him openly to his face. Bro Ben....another character, what amazes me is how open this all was back then. Won't lie...we, young boys, all thought it was funny then. Now grown...with Children of my own, its a new paradigm...I'm sure there were children, less emotionally stronger than I who were victimized. I am feeling a sense of guilt, I guess.
There is a Brother not mentioned yet, Brother Domenic...he was another one. I used to say if there was ever to be a scandal, it would most definitely involved him. I had a personal encounter with him where he once told me I was muscular...I made it clear to him that he should never touch me again. He was never the same to me afterwards....kept his distance while being friendly with other football players. Little did he know that then, we were all mocking him...we knew what he was about. We were that kind of crowd....All of these characters were always the butt of our jokes. There are parts of me that think these guys, hiding in their robes or suits actually thought they were being suave with us. Little did they know...
I did have good memories at that school, I have to say....there were good people there, some good teachers. Not all of them were like what is being portrayed. I would love to hear what they have to say.
I guess I wanted to write you and thank you for what you've done should be proud. It sounds like you're getting some anonymous hate mail...well, here is a anonymous thank you mail. You're somewhat inspiring me...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This St. Francis Prep Sexual Abuse Survivor Wants You to Know His Story

As a result of the recent Daily News article about the lawsuits against St. Francis Prep, This St. Francis Prep sexual abuse survivor contacted attorney Kevin Mulhearn and he wants you to know his story. He also has this message:


I am a sexual abuse survivor.
For personal reasons, I will remain anonymous for now.  I graduated Saint Francis Prep in 1985, one year prior to Mark Evangelista. I along with several other boys were taken on dozens of weekend trips (in a school van) by a Franciscan brother, Brother Joseph Mussa.  These trips were to see professional hockey games in places like Boston, Philadelphia and Hartford. It was this brother and 4 of us boys. Common sense would have the hotel rooms having two double beds for us boys and a rollaway cot for him. He never allowed that, it was one of the boys on the floor and one of the boys in a bed with him. Wrestling in underwear lead to nighttime genital fondling until after about a year I was able to find the strength to break away from the group. I told St. Francis Prep's Principal, Brother Richard McCann, and Brother Joe was transferred to a school in Brooklyn where I believe he taught for a number of years.
I buried these horrific memories for over 15 years. Like so many victims I drank excessively and made poor decisions that led to a 3 year prison term in 2001. It was in prison where a therapist confronted me and stated that it was her opinion I had been sexually abused, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders as I was not ashamed for the first time in my life and was able to finally talk about it. Upon my release I felt empowered and immediately scheduled a meeting with the Superior General of the Franciscan Brothers at their headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. I thought I would be met with doubt and skepticism. I told the Superior General that I would take a lie detector test and would demand this brother take one as well. I guaranteed I would pass and he would fail and that if that was not the case I would leave his office and he would never hear from me again. I could only imagine he knew my claims were legitimate because he said a lie detector test would not be necessary and that he wanted to help me. He encouraged me not to go public due to public scrutiny to my family but that I should continue my therapy. He gave me thousands of dollars on two different occasions, checks in which I have copies of. Brother Joe also gave me thousands of dollars.
I am interested in finding out if anyone else was abused by Brother Joe, either before or after I reported him to St. Francis Prep.   It concerns me a great deal that by not responding to my allegations appropriately, St. Francis Prep may have permitted this man to go free and sexually assault other innocent children.  I also wonder whether any persons reported Brother Joe to St. Francis Prep administrators before I was assaulted by him.  I wonder whether all the pain I have suffered from could have been avoided if St. Francis Prep officials had been more caring and compassionate to the needs of children like myself.

To all victims of sexual abuse out there, let me say "hang in there, it will get better."  So stay strong.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Abuse and Defamation Lawsuits Filed Against St. Francis Prep in Federal Court Yesterday

Update: June 16, 2013: As of Friday, as a result of the Daily News Article below, and this blog, there are now five abuse victims seeking legal action against St. Francis Prep in addition to the two former student plaintiffs in the original complaint. That makes seven so far. All seven are different harassers/abusers. We encourage you to come forward if you were hurt as a student at St. Francis Prep! Please read below.

Finally, the first round of lawsuits have been filed against St. Francis Prep for multiple causes of action. If you would like to read the complaint, you will find it here:

Federal Complaint Against St. Francis Prep

To read today's Daily News Article, click here:
Sports Investigative Team Article

It is disturbing, and sad, and hard to digest. It would have been easier if Prep had just done the right thing from the beginning years ago. But all we can do is move forward, and seek justice for people who have been hurt.

Attorney Kevin Mulhearn is already working on the second round of lawsuits, including a plaintiff who had several surgeries as a result of abuse she suffered at St. Francis Prep.

If you feel that you have been injured in any way by St. Francis Prep, we encourage you to contact us at our website email,, or call Kevin Mulhearn's office at (845)398-2346.

Thank you.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

St. Francis Prep, Your Faculty Handbook Page Regarding Child Sex Abuse Is Horrific

Note on March 2nd: St. Francis Prep has now password protected access to its Faculty Handbook, obviously as a result of this blog. So I apologize, but the link I mention below no longer works. I am glad though, that I took these screen shots. I also printed the entire copy of the Faculty Handbook. If anyone wants one, please let us know and I will be happy to send it to you. The Administration at SFP are cowards, liars, and idiots and they are running scared. Even St. Francis himself would not help them with what is coming next.

I know I said I was taking a break from blogging, and I will. I just had to publish this though because it is actually a perfect example of the hypocrisy I have been blogging about. There will be more very public examples of this hypocrisy soon, but for now just read this.

This is Section E-12 from St. Francis Prep's Faculty Handbook, and it discusses Child Abuse. The link is:

All staff members are REMINDED that they may never sexually abuse a child? And wait, here's the important reason why...because their INSURANCE doesn't cover it? Are you fucking kidding me?

Prep, really, you could not be more clear about your priorities - Money first, children second.

That's disgusting.

Monday, February 25, 2013

St. Francis Prep Administration, Meet Kevin Mulhearn, the Top School Sex Abuse Attorney in New York

This has been a long road, and it has taught me many things about myself. One very important thing I have learned is, that I want to be a woman who finishes what she starts, and sees things through to the end. So in this regard, let me introduce you to attorney Kevin Mulhearn.

Kevin is a smart man, a dedicated man, and a good man. Most importantly, he believes in putting the welfare of children first, and seeking justice, even when the odds are stacked against him. Last year, after a three year battle, he won settlements for a dozen men, who when they were boys, were molested by a coach at Kevin's alma mater Poly Prep in Brooklyn. Kevin recently filed an abuse lawsuit on behalf of a former student of Yeshiva University's High School for Boys in Manhattan as well.

Kevin is now officially examining a large amount of issues related to alleged misconduct at St. Francis Prep. When I sent Kevin some of the documentation I carefully amassed over the past two years, he could not say no. Ironically, someone had contacted Kevin about the former St. Francis Prep teacher and child predator Robert Stenger, months before I even knew Kevin's name. So when I sent Kevin the information I had about Stenger, he was not surprised at all.

Kevin was recently sent an email by a former student at St. Francis Prep who had been horribly sexually harassed by a teacher. I was cc'd on this email. It is the kind of stuff you see in movies, but you don't think would actually happen. It is the kind of stuff you don't want to believe could happen because it is so disturbing. It is sad, and upsetting, but it is reality. Now something has to be done about it.

Kevin's father graduated from Prep with Joe Torre, so Kevin is taking these matters at St. Francis Prep very personally. So I am here to tell you, if you have been sexually harassed and/or abused in any way by former teachers Brother Ben O'Reilly, Robert Stenger, Tom Nuzzi, or any others from the past 30 or so years, please let Kevin Mulhearn know. He will help you. Kevin's email address is and his phone number is (845) 398-0361.

As for me, I am taking a bit of a break from blogging. I am dedicating my attention to helping Kevin work through all the information I have for him.  There is a lot and it is going to take some time. However, if something irritates me enough that I feel I have to say something, you should know by now that I will.

So this is not goodbye, y'all. It's just goodnight.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

EC Breaks Down the Legal Stuff in the Krolikowski Case, And Why St. Francis Prep's Defense Sucks

I am a lawyer. I am admitted as an attorney in New York and New Jersey. I hate lawyers, I think most of them are bloodsuckers, and ambulance chasers, and that's one reason I don't practice. But I have been a lawyer for about 20 years, and I know a thing or two. So that's why today I decided to break the legal aspects of the Marla Krolikowski case down, so we are all on the same page.

First, I want to say that New York is an employment-at-will state. That means, a person can be fired for any non-discriminatory reason. Your boss doesn't like your hair, you can be fired. If your boss thinks you have an annoying laugh, you can be fired. If you are really obese, you can be fired. If you forget to put on deoderant and stink up your cubicle, you can be fired.

That being said, yesterday Eyewitness News on ABC 7 in New York had a new development in the Marla Krolikowski case. They reported that St. Francis Prep called them and said they are filing in court to dismiss the case because they are a religious institution. Then Sarah Wallace, the reporter, tweeted that St. Francis Prep claimed they had "religious right" to fire Marla.  So what that means is, SFP is apparently claiming the religious exemption under the NYC Human Rights Law. Which sucks big balls, because that exemption allows Prep to legally discriminate.

The NYC Human Rights Law reads like this:

 8-107 Unlawful discriminatory practices.
1. Employment. It shall be an unlawful discriminatory practice:
(a) For an employer or an employee or agent thereof, because of the actual or perceived age, race, creed, color, national origin, gender, disability, marital status, partnership status, sexual orientation or alienage or citizenship status of any person, to refuse to hire or employ or to bar or to discharge from employment such person or to discriminate against such person in compensation or in terms, conditions or privileges of employment.

Then it says this:

12. Religious principles. Nothing contained in this section shall be construed to bar any religious or denominational institution or organization or any organization operated for charitable or educational purposes, which is operated, supervised or controlled by or in connection with a religious organization from limiting employment or sales or rental of housing accommodations or admission to or giving preference to persons of the same religion or denomination or from making such selection as is calculated by such organization to promote the religious principles for which it is established or maintained.

So by claiming the exemption, what St. Francis Prep is actually saying is Catholicism, just like it does not condone homosexuality, does not condone transgenderism, and so they can legally fire Marla because that goes against their mission as a Catholic institution. If they claim this exemption under that premise, they will have the case dismissed.

That's it in a nutshell. What is amusing is, Prep has no problem taking your tax dollars. This is from their January 29th  Facebook page post:

Sign a petition to tell the politicians in Albany to support
the Education Investment Tax Credit to save Catholic schools.

Catholic School Petition

As we celebrate National Catholic Schools’ Week and National School Choice Week, we ask for your help by signing our online petition supporting New York State legislation to save Catholic schools:

Recently, more than two dozen Catholic schools in New York have been earmarked for closure. This is a tragic loss for those communit...ies and the families who have sacrificed so much. The reason for the closures is simple: Fewer families can afford tuition. Academically, and in every other way, these schools are all excellent. They just could not attract enough students due to increasing tuition brought on by the rising costs.

To prevent such closures in the future, and to help give relief to the families who sacrifice so much, we are working on legislation to help families pay tuition and keep Catholic schools open. The legislation, called the Education Investment Tax Credit, will generate millions of dollars in scholarships for families who wish to give their children a Catholic school education. The bill has been approved by the New York State Senate but has not been voted on in the Assembly.

We are forming an “Invest In Education Coalition” – a broad-based coalition of individuals and organizations around the state to put needed pressure on Albany to get this important legislation enacted – but we need your help and ask that you join our effort by signing our online petition and then telling your friends.

Let's give families what they want and deserve – an opportunity to send their children to a quality Catholic school.

The Education Investment Tax Credit is the first step, but it won’t pass without your help. Please sign the petition today and support our fight to preserve Catholic education for our children. And don't forget to forward to your friends and family.

Thank you, and God bless you.

Sign the Catholic School Petition now!
St. Francis Prep wants separation of Church and State when it is convenient, but they want your tax money at the same time, to support their agenda. Like I have said from Day One, they are a bunch of hypocrites.

I hope that if this case is dismissed, Marla appeals it as a Constitutional issue, on the premise that Church and State should truly be separate, and that the anti-discrimination laws should apply to every organization seeking or receiving public tax dollars. I bet in this day and age, she will get pretty far with the support of so many people and organizations behind her. At least it will bring national attention to a long overlooked issue.

I am interested to see how this all will play out. The school has been very silent lately. That is because they are backed into a corner, and they know it. If they say they fired Marla by legally discriminating under the exemption, they look like disgusting bigots. If they try and say they had other reasons...well, we're all pretty sure there are no other reasons because the last two reviews Marla received were stellar, according to the articles I have read. So we know they are liars.

They look like liars now anyway, because they have been saying for the last month they fired Marla for "appropriate" reasons not related to the fact she is transgender, and then yesterday they apparently flipped their strategy 180 degrees.

While we are all waiting to see what happens, may I make a suggestion? Do not send one fucking dime to St. Francis Prep. They don't care who dislikes them, unless that person is a donor with a dollar. Donors and donations matter. Alumni without the ability to donate, they do not give a shit about.

Wow, I would like to be a fly on the wall at the Principal's Dinner for Benefactors and Trustees being held at the school on April 13th. There surely will be some lively topics of discussion that night among all the old, constipated white men- a transgender teacher and a lesbian bitch with a blog!

Alright, that's it y'all. Goodnight.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Compilation of Comments, So St. Francis Prep's Administration Can Continue to Shit Itself Over All the Bad Publicity

First, let me say over 60,000 people have read the Burn Blogs. That is truly amazing, and we are just thrilled that the horrible truth about St. Francis Prep is getting out there, not just locally, but nationally.

Someone recently posted on our website that students' comments about anything should not be taken at "face value." Then someone responded that is a shitty idea, that they all should be taken seriously. Perhaps the best route would be to take them seriously enough to seriously investigate and see if there is any merit to them. From what we have learned about SFP, that's the problem. Things are not investigated. Things are overlooked. Things are swept under the rug. Things are diminished. The reason this happens is, the administration wants to hide the truth. But the truth will continue to come out. We are going to make sure of it in the coming days, and we will have a few big surprises for you.

But, there are SFP zealots who don't want to accept the truth, in any form it is presented. It's kind of like the assholes at Penn State who didn't want to believe Jo Pa could ever do something to protect the trophies instead of the students.

This prompted us to compile a little list of comments for you tonight from various sources. These comments are the commentators' truth. It is what they lived, and what they know .

From Reddit, regarding the Metro article about Mr. K's lawsuit: Read the article...this guy served faithfully and did so with student's best interests at heart for over 30 years...he got close to retirement and they got rid of him. I went to this school...I never had him as a teacher, but he was well liked and respected by all the kids. I remember the positive energy around him. I also remember what a sniveling douche bag now principal Brother Leonard was. I also remember now-assistant principal Patrick McLaughlin. He was a fuckin' Gym teacher and struck my 17 year old self as a sleazy, self-serving weasel. I remember the Dean, Gaspar Abruzzo, who took me under his wing because he knew I was on the edge of not making it through this challenging school. He dropped dead in the late 80's. I remember how I felt when I heard about it: not good. About a month later, these assholes are sending out fund-raising letters invoking Mr. Abruzzo's name and suggesting donations be made in his name. FUCK YOU, St. Francis Preparatory School Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY

From a comment on one of our blogs:
Seriously? really?
I graduated 1986.. Stenger smacked a student in front of me and threw a chair because he was after third bell. Buddha threw numerous chairs across the room in cor to get to a kid and pin him against a wall. I was told to wear a shot skirt and a low cut blouse to drivers ed to pass. I was bullied beyond belief in Prep: my locker being broken into and pants having the crotch cut out, my diary being stolen and read by the football team, thrown into garbage bins, I could go on and on. My mother was called in and told that if I was more normal, I wouldn't have trouble and the culprits of everything were never even asked about it. Football players who cheated (three copied the same paper, two were given C's so they could play, and one an A because he changed one sentence). It was 4 years of hell.
Note from EC: Buddha is the nickname for Br. Richard Pinkus. He was my Earth Science teacher, too. He was f*cking nuts, and he did throw chairs, and grab kids by the arm so hard it looked like their arms were going to get pulled out of their sockets. Another nut job was Br. Ronald. He would hit us, every day, in Social Studies. He would hold our shoulder still with one hand, and use the other hand to jab his nuckles in. You could hear the thuds on our shoulders as he hit us.

From a comment on one of our blogs:
If you are a student please check Naviance, which Prep supplies you with!! Those colleges that you claim Prep helps people get into- bullshit!

In the past 9 years- 3 students were accepted into Harvard!
In the past 9 years- 2 students were accepted into Yale!
In the past 9 years- 6 students were accepted into Columbia (and I know 2 who go there that say PREP DID NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THIS)
In the past 9 years- 5 students were accepted into Notre Dame!

You and I both know the majority of kids end up at St. John's! Don't glorify a school that does not deserve glorification.

Also from a blog comment: All of you prep defenders talking about ignorance and respect.. calling someone a "lesbo" is both ignorant and disrespectful. Like prep, you are falling into hypocracy. Mr. C - male gym teacher, still works there - office is located in the boy's locker room.. constantly telling female students to go to his office for some bullshit - that's not creepy? Mr. K being fired for expressing himself, very Catholic of you. Why the fuck are you defending a school... a school that charges WAY too much in my opinion. All of the students there, probably you people included are minions of what is supposed to be. Life isn't perfect - what makes you think that every staff member of SFP are? If people who deserved to be fired were actually fired there wouldn't be a school.

My years at St. Francis Prep (2002-2006) were absolute HELL. I wasn't wealthy, so I was constantly put down by the students who were. The amount of cliques in that school and the teachers who were in them as well is disgusting. Student cliques are found everywhere, true; but for staff to get involved it's absolutely fucking ridiculous.

Go fuck yourself St. Francis Prep.

Also from a blog comment: Never had Mr. Stenger, but did have friends who years earlier were on one of the varsity football teams that kicked him out of the locker room, they knew he was a creep staring at them in the showers, never understood why he never got fired.

From Facebook
Mr. K is a wonderful, kind, knowledgeable individual. When I was a student at Prep and participating in scenic design for the theatre program, I always looked forward to working with him in the lighting booth. Though I never had him as a teacher, which I regret, we had many conversations about the social justice topics he believes so strongly in. I admire him and he's truly an inspiration. It's too bad that the administration of St. Francis Prep is closed minded. But in the end, Mr. K is better off teaching in an school where he'll be appreciated for all that he has to offer. It's SFP's loss of an amazing educator and the major gain of another school. While I attended Prep, I witnessed many teachers "reprimanding" heterosexual couples making out in the hallways by simply saying, "Make room for the Holy Spirit!" and then laughing and walking away. However, two lesbian friends of mine who gave each other a kiss goodbye before class were immediately dragged to the dean's office and belittled and told that their "behavior is completely unacceptable." The hypocrisy of that place always made me sick.
From former SFP art teacher Casey Smith, a wonderful teacher I had the pleasure of knowing, on Facebook:

Its taken me some time now to mull over the details and embrace the facts at hand objectively. Initially I was eager to lash out at the school for what I deemed disgraceful. This partially stems from my own experiences with Saint Francis Preparatory, its administration and its blatant hypocrisy, all of which ultimately lead to my resignation. However, in my time as a faculty member and furthermore my years as a student I had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. K and being taught through his positive demeanor and general respect for humans (as the bible taught). I was aware of his style choices and selection of attire and was not phased by it on any personal or professional levels, his personality and perseverance for excellence had long been set. Following a 32 year record of such excellence ; which has been marked by numerous accommodations and awards ; it wouldn't matter to me or anyone with a genuine soul if Mark choose a french manicure or a pink polka dotted dinosaur costume to represent himself. Following my departure from Saint Francis Prep I held my head knowing that I worked with a selection of NY's best and brightest educators and students. Today, I close my eyes and bow my head in shame to have been associated to the few at S.F.P. that wield hatred and discrimination as opposed to the acceptance and open arms that a christian should have. In time these atrocities will fade and we will remember minor details. But never forget that no matter who you are no one, no group, no collection of VIP's has the authority to judge or discriminate unless they are God him/her self.

From our website: The head of guidance is doing a wonderful job. I especially liked our counseling sessions back in the day, when she told me that one of my peers was born to a "crack ho" and that my best friend's mother was going to "kill the whole family." The administration is deplorable. The faculty is teeming with psychotic perverts and abusive assholes. What you did to Mr. K is one of thousands of examples of how poorly Prep treats their best teachers. You're too busy reprimanding good teachers for not meeting a quota of dress code detentions that you allow students to be preyed upon by pedophiles instead of learning. These are KIDS who should be getting an education and not worrying about why their teacher is looking at them the wrong way, making inappropriate comments- or that the head of guidance is quite possibly gossiping about their personal problems. Prep: Formally apologize and make a big change- or Burn and rot in hell!

Also from our website: Wow SFP.... WTF!?!? Alum here.. 80-84. We had a nun that taught religion holding hands with a nerdy math teacher at Great Adventure one year.... But at least they didn't hide it.... Everyone knew. Everyone knew Stenger was a perv that liked wieners (who doesn't)--- but I can't say I ever saw him lose his temper but thought he should be fired because he was an AWFUL teacher ... The worst! The only positive part of that is that it will "prep"you for those awful tenured college profs that stay 'till they are dead in the grave. Nuzzi was a pig that I had the misfortune to share a driver ed car with 3 attractive girls that he made so uncomfortable .... They must still be the worst parallel parkers if they can drive at all. There were cliques as in any school.... But not too intimidating as the jocks were Morons .. Ok 90 pct of them. I also had a Brother (GF) Offer to improve my 97(!) avg if I would accompany him up to the friary for dinner? He should Burn and rot in hell!

Also from our website:
To SFP, Its been a while. But I just found out about this website. And I'm happy to hear about its popularity. When I was at prep, there was quite a bit of visible corruption. Big contributors to the school's foundation would be rewarded with easy As for their children. Kids who paid to dress down would be written off detentions left and right. I had a few late detentions and was offered time and time again to get them written off if I started to 'participate' in fundraisers. On numerous occasions when I pointed out the injustice going on I would suddenly find out my detentions were going up and be consequently shook down by one of the deans. I know more and it will come out. Ask yourself SFP, where did brother Benjamin (Spanish) go? Hes out there somewhere repeating his offenses on others. Everyone knew what happened but no one said anything. Parents pay SFP for a piece of paper and the illusion of shelter from the outside. Go Burn and rot in hell!
Of all the blogs, I think I like this one the best, because the words are not mine. They show such courage, and such raw honesty from others, that they have re-energized us. The wheels are in motion. There's no stopping them. Change is coming. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Defamation for Dummies

It's been a long week, and I really didn't have any plans to blog tonight, but the urge struck me for two reasons.

One is, a jerk decided to threaten us last night. Now really, after all this time, and all that has been said, do you think that would scare us? I will blog, and blog, and blog, until my fingers fall off. And then, I will use my toes to blog. And after that, I will buy that cool thing Stephen Hawking uses. So don't waste your time, keep your threats to yourself, and stick them up your ass.

Secondly, lots of readers, whether on the website or in blog comments, or in a lovely letter posted on the St. Francis Prep website, like to throw around the term "defamation." Defamation means a false statement. It does not mean a statement you don't like, or a statement that makes someone look bad. True statements are not defamation. They are called "the truth", and that is what has been written in these blogs. In order to sue for defamation, someone would have to prove a statement is false, and that the person making the statement was negligent in making them.  Then, they would have to prove damages attributable specifically to the alleged defamatory statements.

There you go, a little course on defamation. It is my hope, dear readers, that you would use this term in proper context, and not throw it around so carelessly. Because, if you say we have "defamed" someone (which we haven't), you will actually be defaming us, and we can sue the crap out of you for any damages stemming from that.

OK, y'all, that's it now. 'Night!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The more I think about this situation with Mr. K, the more infuriated I am. When I went to St. Francis Prep in the 80's, he had tweezed eyebrows, manicured nails, and earrings. So what has changed really?

Someone needs to go to the computer lab and ask Mrs. Truzzolino why the powers that be fired her son, who was Assistant Football Coach years ago, and who happens to be a good man with a beautiful family. His last words to Mr. Licata were, "Nothing better happen to my mother." Then, you need to ask yourself why  Robert Stenger, who was a child predator, a teacher and a member of the football team staff worked at the school for 47 years. In my original blog, I thought it was more like 25 years, but I just found his SFP memoriam online and it is actually 47 years.

Stenger's most widely known infraction was to stare at the boys in the locker room as they showered after practice. The varsity team threw him out of the locker room on multiple occasions because of the staring. Someone posted a comment on one of the Prep facebook pages yesterday that Stenger used to show up at her house and ask if her 16 year old brother could "come hang out with him for a while." I wrote down her name, so if authorities ask for it, I have it.

Shit's real, people. If any of you at this point think all this stuff is made up, you need to get your head out of the sand. To not do something makes you just as guilty as the rest of them.

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Not Mr. K...and a Few Other Points, Like Why Did I Write the Blog In The First Place

Ok, so that was some horrible news today about Mr. K getting fired. It's sad and disgusting, but if you ask me whether I am surprised the administration would do something like that, it would be a wholehearted "NO." Next, I want to say Mr.K is not alluded to in any of the Burn blogs. He is not the "pervert" in the religion department Carolyn Szostek told me about. So that means someone else is the alleged pervert.

Carolyn also told me that on any given day, one of the school's goals is to stay under the radar of the bishop. I had been contemplating coming out as a gay woman and she advised against it. "Keep it to yourself," she said "and don't talk about your personal life." She told me that if it became well known at the school that I'm gay, they would most likely have to fire me. I thought this was interesting because St. Francis Prep operates independently of the diocese and is governed by its own Board of Trustees (who are white guys who are like 100 years old, but that's another story) so I wasn't too sure why they would "have to" fire me.

Next, I want you to read a couple of posts from my site and the blog comments.

This was posted on today:
To SFP, Its been a while. But I just found out about this website. And I'm happy to hear about its popularity. When I was at prep, there was quite a bit of visible corruption. Big contributors to the school's foundation would be rewarded with easy As for their children. Kids who paid to dress down would be written off detentions left and right. I had a few late detentions and was offered time and time again to get them written off if I started to 'participate' in fundraisers. On numerous occasions when I pointed out the injustice going on I would suddenly find out my detentions were going up and be consequently shook down by one of the deans. I know more and it will come out. Ask yourself SFP, where did brother Benjamin (Spanish) go? Hes out there somewhere repeating his offenses on others. Everyone knew what happened but no one said anything. Parents pay SFP for a piece of paper and the illusion of shelter from the outside. Go Burn and rot in hell!

This is a comment from the Dec.26th Burn blog:
All of you prep defenders talking about ignorance and respect.. calling someone a "lesbo" is both ignorant and disrespectful. Like prep, you are falling into hypocracy. Mr. C - male gym teacher, still works there - office is located in the boy's locker room.. constantly telling female students to go to his office for some bullshit - that's not creepy? Mr. K being fired for expressing himself, very Catholic of you. Why the fuck are you defending a school... a school that charges WAY too much in my opinion. All of the students there, probably you people included are minions of what is supposed to be. Life isn't perfect - what makes you think that every staff member of SFP are? If people who deserved to be fired were actually fired there wouldn't be a school.

My years at St. Francis Prep (2002-2006) were absolute HELL. I wasn't wealthy, so I was constantly put down by the students who were. The amount of cliques in that school and the teachers who were in them as well is disgusting. Student cliques are found everywhere, true; but for staff to get involved it's absolutely fucking ridiculous.
Go fuck yourself St. Francis Prep.

Everyone who thinks I made a mountain out of a mole hill, you haven't even seen the mountain yet. The mountain is so big it makes Everest look like a fu*king bunny slope.

Next, everyone keeps asking "Why now?" "Why two years after you were terminated are you writing this?" This is why, there are 3 reasons:

1) I read on the alumni site about the "new administrative structure" for St. Francis Prep starting in September. This new administrative structure is bullshit, to put it bluntly. Br. Leonard will be President and Pat McLaughlin will be Principal. All the same people will be running the school, and we see how well that works. I was so disgusted, I wanted to put all the cards on the table. So far some are on the table, a mere few.

2) Newtown. Children seeking an education deserve better than what they are getting at Prep,and to be protected.

3) The admins at Prep posted a "we hope you have peace in your heart" message to me on my site. But that is typical Prep fashion, to take a shit on someone and then wish them peace. I'm sure they wished Mr. K peace after 35 years of teaching there, too.

Now, I want to say I am calling for a 30 year investigation of the school, from the day Br. Leonard took office until today. If they have nothing to hide, they should say, "C'mon in and take a look" without hesitation. My life is an open book and you all can google me, background check me, run my fu*king fingerprints with the FBI, or whatever. I think Prep needs a little background checking, by an independent body. I would love it if someone would start a petition calling for this tonight, but I know it's late so if not I'll start one tomorrow.

The last thing I want to say is I will blog until my fingers are crippled and raw. I will blog until there is change. If this means putting ALL the cards on the table, I will gladly do it.

OK, that's it. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Please Br. Leonard, Just Do the Math for Us!

Ok... so first I would like to say thanks to all the people sending us messages and information. We appreciate everything you're telling us, and we'll check it out.

I want to also re-post a comment that was posted on the Dec. 26th blog today:

I graduated 1986.. Stenger smacked a student in front of me and threw a chair because he was after third bell. Buddha threw numerous chairs across the room in cor to get to a kid and pin him against a wall. I was told to wear a shot (sic) skirt and a low cut blouse to drivers ed to pass. I was bullied beyond belief in Prep: my locker being broken into and pants having the crotch cut out, my diary being stolen and read by the football team, thrown into garbage bins, I could go on and on. My mother was called in and told that if I was more normal, I wouldn't have trouble and the culprits of everything were never even asked about it. Football players who cheated (three copied the same paper, two were given C's so they could play, and one an A because he changed one sentence). It was 4 years of hell.

Exposing all this makes all the threats we've received worth it. Keep it coming, guys!

This same person also had this comment:

If SFP has nothing to hide, perhaps they should open up their doors to independent investigators..and see what happens...oh wait...they will threaten anyone who tries to speak out.

Not a bad idea! Let's have a full investigation of the last 30 years, not some internal SFP "committee". Let's have full background checks done for every single person who works in the building.

And one more thing: Br. Leonard, if you're going to post letters on the alumni site claiming defamation and use a lot of other big words, then the least you could do is clear the air for everyone and answer this question: If a student's REAL final grade for a course is 71, what number is put on their report card? If you're not sure what we're talking about, read the last blog please!

Let's see if we get an answer...