Wednesday, June 26, 2013

This St. Francis Prep Sexual Abuse Survivor Wants You to Know His Story

As a result of the recent Daily News article about the lawsuits against St. Francis Prep, This St. Francis Prep sexual abuse survivor contacted attorney Kevin Mulhearn and he wants you to know his story. He also has this message:


I am a sexual abuse survivor.
For personal reasons, I will remain anonymous for now.  I graduated Saint Francis Prep in 1985, one year prior to Mark Evangelista. I along with several other boys were taken on dozens of weekend trips (in a school van) by a Franciscan brother, Brother Joseph Mussa.  These trips were to see professional hockey games in places like Boston, Philadelphia and Hartford. It was this brother and 4 of us boys. Common sense would have the hotel rooms having two double beds for us boys and a rollaway cot for him. He never allowed that, it was one of the boys on the floor and one of the boys in a bed with him. Wrestling in underwear lead to nighttime genital fondling until after about a year I was able to find the strength to break away from the group. I told St. Francis Prep's Principal, Brother Richard McCann, and Brother Joe was transferred to a school in Brooklyn where I believe he taught for a number of years.
I buried these horrific memories for over 15 years. Like so many victims I drank excessively and made poor decisions that led to a 3 year prison term in 2001. It was in prison where a therapist confronted me and stated that it was her opinion I had been sexually abused, it was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders as I was not ashamed for the first time in my life and was able to finally talk about it. Upon my release I felt empowered and immediately scheduled a meeting with the Superior General of the Franciscan Brothers at their headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. I thought I would be met with doubt and skepticism. I told the Superior General that I would take a lie detector test and would demand this brother take one as well. I guaranteed I would pass and he would fail and that if that was not the case I would leave his office and he would never hear from me again. I could only imagine he knew my claims were legitimate because he said a lie detector test would not be necessary and that he wanted to help me. He encouraged me not to go public due to public scrutiny to my family but that I should continue my therapy. He gave me thousands of dollars on two different occasions, checks in which I have copies of. Brother Joe also gave me thousands of dollars.
I am interested in finding out if anyone else was abused by Brother Joe, either before or after I reported him to St. Francis Prep.   It concerns me a great deal that by not responding to my allegations appropriately, St. Francis Prep may have permitted this man to go free and sexually assault other innocent children.  I also wonder whether any persons reported Brother Joe to St. Francis Prep administrators before I was assaulted by him.  I wonder whether all the pain I have suffered from could have been avoided if St. Francis Prep officials had been more caring and compassionate to the needs of children like myself.

To all victims of sexual abuse out there, let me say "hang in there, it will get better."  So stay strong.


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    1. Daniel, we saw your comment and will be calling you. You ARE NOT alone.

  4. Danny or Maureen call me. 732 372 8460

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  7. One day, I was a happy 12 year old. About a year later, after several nights alone with Mussa I'm Prospect Park up until 9 or 10, I was confused and miserable. I started drinking and taking drugs occasionally at age 14..

    Between the ages of 15 and 22, I was a total alcoholic burnout. I didn't even acknowledge the sexual abuse I was a victim of until after I sobered up.

    I can remember the day Mr. Mussa told the class he was getting transferred to a position where they needed him elsewhere. There wasn't a dry eye in the classroom, since he was a popular teacher. He didn't groom those other students. He probably didn't criminally violate any of them, with the exception of maybe one other boy.

    While the other students were crying, my eyes may have been the only dry ones in the room. I wasn't sad he was leaving and I wasn't glad. I was confused. Before Mussa criminally used me as a sex toy, I would get turned on seeing Raquel Welch in a movie. After the abuse occurred, I didn't know who or what I was. I regularly consumed alcohol and/or drugs to alleviate my pain and confusion . I didn't have any interest in dating girls and women until I was 18, later than many of my peers. That's why men, and sometimes women, if they're reported arrested and convicted of such crimes go to prison. They're messing and interfering with a child's sexual development. I don't believe such criminals should get beaten up behind bars; just lock them up to themselves, away from people, ESPECIALLY minors.

    I admire and respect all men and women who were sexually violated at any age and can move on with a healthy lifestyle. And if they don't turn out well adjusted, I, from experience, understand why. A man I looked up to violated and abused a sacred trust. And committed a criminal act. Then again, when the crime was committed, I would have still been in too much shock to testify about what was done to me. I had adults before him who let me down, but Mussa was the only one who engaged in criminal behavior with me..