Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do NOT Burn McDonald's, Burn The Parents!

The owners of this site have children. They are trim and healthy. Every couple of weeks, they go to McDonald’s in New York City for a Happy Meal. Once they know they are going there, they get very excited because in their meal will be a small, high quality toy. It makes us, as parents, happy, too, because the kids get to eat something they enjoy and the new toy puts smiles on their faces. All that happiness for about five bucks a child! What’s better than that?

About a week ago, New York City councilman Leroy Comrie, Jr. introduced legislation to ban toys from certain kids’ meals at fast food chains. The toys would be banned from meals that don’t meet the nutritional and calorie requirements outlined in the legislation. A bill similar to, but less strict than the New York City one passed last year in San Francisco.

The rationale behind the NYC bill is that the toys in some instances are rewarding kids for making poor food choices. Do children make food choices? Children make food requests. Adults make choices for the children. Sometimes, parents don’t mind that their child eats a fatty, high calorie kid’s meal at a fast food chain. So this argument for the legislation doesn’t hold much water. Whatever happened to personal responsibility in the United States? What happened to the responsibility of parents for their children? You know, about 8 years ago, a group of obese kids sued McDonald’s on the premise that the restaurant made them fat. At that time, the case was laughed out of court.

What has changed in our country that legislators are introducing bills like this, and that they are actually getting passed? Why are we in a trending toward attacking the provider of the product who is open and honest about what they are selling, not the parents who should be monitoring their children?

What do you think about this? We want to know. Click here, or the comments link to let us know what you think.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

100 T Shirt Giveaway!

We promised to give away burn and rot in hell t shirts to the first 100 members who register to the site, and we have finally sent the last shirt out.

This member sent us this burn picture with him giving us the burn finger, and we got so excited we gave him a bonus 500 burn points.

Send in a picture giving us the burn finger, holding up a sign that says " I vent, therefore I am -burnandrotinhell.com " and you will be featured on a future burn page, and earn yourself a quick 500 burn points too.

Burn points can be accumulated by interacting on the burnandrotinhell.com website. Every comment, reply, up rating, down rating, burn post, share to social media, and execution of other site features, will earn you a certain amount of points. These burn points can eventually be traded in for anything in our gift shop.

The gift shop is coming real soon. It will have t shirts, all sorts of burn branded merchandise, and random sponsored items. Websites will donate goods, such as amex, visa, or master card gift cards. Some may offer electronics, such as ipods, laptops, or even an ipad2.

Until then, we encourage all of you to burn baby, burn. Where else can you get something off your chest, and earn free stuff for it?

The Burn Team

Monday, April 4, 2011

Catholic Teacher Suspended Over BurnandRotinHell.com

Burnandrotinhell.com received some news coverage last week. Fox 5 was calling it a teacher website scandal. The president of JEVRA, LLC, & Owner of the burn website, Elizabeth Cucinotta was teaching at St. Francis Prep School for four years, and loved her teaching job. That is until they suspended her with pay, and threatened to fire her if she did not remove the categories "Bad Teachers", and "Bad Students" from the site. When she refused, she was fired.

The site was created to give people a place to vent, and to encourage freedom of speech rights. "The world is angry now, they need a place to vent, to get things off their chest, and hope it all just goes away" she said. "It feels good" she added.

When she was asked how she felt being sent home, she said she was very surprised. Before she started the site she even went to a priest and told him the name of the website on two occasions and was not given any indication that it was going to be a problem. Days after she got it up and running she says she was called into the principal's office and suspended. She was asked if she would take the website, or her job back if asked to chose, and she said. "They suggested I take them down today, which I won't do". She was eventually fired.

The school issued this statement to Fox 5: "Miss Cucinotta has been suspended pending an investigation for a potential violation of the school's mission and the teacher's obligation to fulfill that mission." Some students said they agree. Some rallied outside with signs that said "Free Ms C". Fox 5 asked her what she has to say to the administrators who suspended her. "Burn and rot in hell," she said.

The www.burnandrotinhell.com website has been up only 2 weeks, and had over 12,000 members, and 240,000 page views.

Here is the news footage that was aired on Fox 5:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome To The Burn Blog

Finally the Official Burn Blog is here! We have been waiting to create a place for those of us on the Burn Team to vent to all of you readers, and now we have it. The immediate success of the burnandrotinhell.com website is proof that many people have feelings inside that they’d like to get out into the open. Many of you want to be able to share safely and anonymously. You now have the place to do so!

The Burn Team would like to welcome everyone to our sites. Feel free to 'burn' whatever you feel. Register an account or post anonymously—either way works! We encourage you all to get all of that bottled-up stress out into the open, and tell it to "Burn and rot in hell!". We also encourage you all to rate other burns on the site, and make comments about how you feel about other burns. It will make you feel better. Try it.

While you interact with the site, you will earn burn points. We will launch a gift shop shortly, and you will be able to trade your burn points for gifts and/or discounts. The shop will consist of Burn-branded items and goodies like iPads, computers, video games, and other cool things donated to us by sponsors, such as Mafialife.com, and more.

This Burn Blog will be our method of updating you on what is going on with the site, as well as venting our official opinions and thoughts. We will also launch contests, surveys, polls, and other cool events from here, to keep you all of you updated.

Happy burning,

The Burn Team