Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Saint Francis Prep Child Victims Act Lawsuits Update - the Number of Lawsuits Continues to Climb

UPDATE 9/27/2109: David Oddo's firm filed a TENTH lawsuit under the Child Victims Act against SFP today. This was the second complaint alleging sexual abuse by former teacher BR. DOMINIC QUIGLEY.

David Oddo's law firm filed a ninth lawsuit against SFP. This was the third complaint alleging sexual abuse by former principal BR. MICHAEL MORAN. Also, several alumni have contacted David and offered to be witnesses in the various cases and/or provided him with important information. If you would like to share anything regarding the abuses, or the horrific cover-up spanning decades, please contact David or his Associate Attorney, Darren Seilback, at 212-642-0950. 

Also, at a hearing last week, the plaintiffs were granted Jane/John Doe status so they can proceed to sue anonymously.


Thursday, September 5, 2019


UPDATED 9/12/19: All the current plaintiffs were granted Jane or John Doe status by the judge. 
UPDATED 9/10/2019: Today, a second lawsuit alleging sexual assault by former St. Francis Prep principal BR. MICHAEL MORAN was filed. A second lawsuit alleging sexual abuse by former teacher and assistant football coach ROBERT STENGER was also recently filed against SFP. This second suit regarding Stenger describes abuse by Stenger occurring in 1990's; the first describes abuse by Stenger occurring in the 1960's. So far attorney David Oddo's firm has filed 8 SFP child sexual abuse cases under the Child Victims Act. David is attempting to file all cases as Jane or John Doe so that plaintiffs can remain anonymous. If you were abused by Br. Michael Moran, Robert Stenger or any teacher or staff member at SFP please call David or his Associate, Darren Seilback, at 212-642-0950. David is a former ADA for Nassau County and the Immediate Past President of the NYS Trial Lawyers Association.