Sunday, April 3, 2011

Welcome To The Burn Blog

Finally the Official Burn Blog is here! We have been waiting to create a place for those of us on the Burn Team to vent to all of you readers, and now we have it. The immediate success of the website is proof that many people have feelings inside that they’d like to get out into the open. Many of you want to be able to share safely and anonymously. You now have the place to do so!

The Burn Team would like to welcome everyone to our sites. Feel free to 'burn' whatever you feel. Register an account or post anonymously—either way works! We encourage you all to get all of that bottled-up stress out into the open, and tell it to "Burn and rot in hell!". We also encourage you all to rate other burns on the site, and make comments about how you feel about other burns. It will make you feel better. Try it.

While you interact with the site, you will earn burn points. We will launch a gift shop shortly, and you will be able to trade your burn points for gifts and/or discounts. The shop will consist of Burn-branded items and goodies like iPads, computers, video games, and other cool things donated to us by sponsors, such as, and more.

This Burn Blog will be our method of updating you on what is going on with the site, as well as venting our official opinions and thoughts. We will also launch contests, surveys, polls, and other cool events from here, to keep you all of you updated.

Happy burning,

The Burn Team

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