Thursday, June 13, 2013

Abuse and Defamation Lawsuits Filed Against St. Francis Prep in Federal Court Yesterday

Update: June 16, 2013: As of Friday, as a result of the Daily News Article below, and this blog, there are now five abuse victims seeking legal action against St. Francis Prep in addition to the two former student plaintiffs in the original complaint. That makes seven so far. All seven are different harassers/abusers. We encourage you to come forward if you were hurt as a student at St. Francis Prep! Please read below.

Finally, the first round of lawsuits have been filed against St. Francis Prep for multiple causes of action. If you would like to read the complaint, you will find it here:

Federal Complaint Against St. Francis Prep

To read today's Daily News Article, click here:
Sports Investigative Team Article

It is disturbing, and sad, and hard to digest. It would have been easier if Prep had just done the right thing from the beginning years ago. But all we can do is move forward, and seek justice for people who have been hurt.

Attorney Kevin Mulhearn is already working on the second round of lawsuits, including a plaintiff who had several surgeries as a result of abuse she suffered at St. Francis Prep.

If you feel that you have been injured in any way by St. Francis Prep, we encourage you to contact us at our website email,, or call Kevin Mulhearn's office at (845)398-2346.

Thank you.

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