Wednesday, January 9, 2013


The more I think about this situation with Mr. K, the more infuriated I am. When I went to St. Francis Prep in the 80's, he had tweezed eyebrows, manicured nails, and earrings. So what has changed really?

Someone needs to go to the computer lab and ask Mrs. Truzzolino why the powers that be fired her son, who was Assistant Football Coach years ago, and who happens to be a good man with a beautiful family. His last words to Mr. Licata were, "Nothing better happen to my mother." Then, you need to ask yourself why  Robert Stenger, who was a child predator, a teacher and a member of the football team staff worked at the school for 47 years. In my original blog, I thought it was more like 25 years, but I just found his SFP memoriam online and it is actually 47 years.

Stenger's most widely known infraction was to stare at the boys in the locker room as they showered after practice. The varsity team threw him out of the locker room on multiple occasions because of the staring. Someone posted a comment on one of the Prep facebook pages yesterday that Stenger used to show up at her house and ask if her 16 year old brother could "come hang out with him for a while." I wrote down her name, so if authorities ask for it, I have it.

Shit's real, people. If any of you at this point think all this stuff is made up, you need to get your head out of the sand. To not do something makes you just as guilty as the rest of them.


  1. Why would he say that to Mr. Licata ? I had him as a teacher, he was a stand up guy.

  2. The only comment we have is, that there needs to be a 30 year investigation of the school conducted by an independent body not affiliated or related to the school in any way, and not related to any religious group or diocese.

  3. I don't remember anything criminal about Mr. Stenger, but he was weird. I had him for social studies and he made all the boys in the class sit in the front row and on the sides to protect us girls who had to sit in the middle.

    Never got any weird vibes from Mr. Licata, who was in fact one of my favorite teachers. Had him for 3 years.

  4. Never had Mr. Stenger, but did have friends who years earlier were on one of the varsity football teams that kicked him out of the locker room, they knew he was a creep staring at them in the showers, never understood why he never got fired.

    Had Mr. Licata twice (for summer school), one of the best teachers I ever had, great teacher, seems like a great guy, can't think of anything bad to say about him.

    1. I was one the boys Stenger would invite out on a Friday night. I played football and graduated in the 80s. As a freshman stenger took me to several St.johns basketball games. I didn't think much of it at the time, until like the previous writer stated, I noticed He would always be there in the locker room after practice watching us/ me shower. It took a while for this then 15-year old to realize and accept the reality of this adult's perversion. Aside from Stenger, I have very mixed feelings about SFP. It definitely caters to a certain demographic. Bottom line, I would definitely not send my kids there.

  5. I graduated in 1990 and played football at Prep. I also lived in the same town in Queens where Stenger lived. Sometimes he would give me a ride home after practice. Not once did he do anything inappropriate. That said, he was weird and we used to joke that he was gay. I don't remember him looking at us in the showers, but that was probably after the varsity team put him out of the locker room. Bro. Norman used to watch us shower. He used to make excuses to talk to a player if he was in the shower and we used to mumble under our breath "Fa$$ot alert". I do remember the Connie Lord situation. One day after he was fired, a group of us guys saw Alejandro on the Q88 bus. We really hassled him and one of the guys actually challenged him to a fight and spit on him. Alejandro was clearly scared and sniveled away.