Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kevin Mulhearn Represents 19 Yeshiva University High School Plaintiffs in $380,000,000 Lawsuit, In Addition to St. Francis Prep Plaintiffs

This article was in the NY Daily News a couple of days ago about the disgusting sexual abuse at Yeshiva University High School for boys:

Kevin Mulhearn currently represents 19 plaintiffs who have filed against Yeshiva University. The school's Chancellor also resigned.

Kevin Mulhearn has stated that in the coming weeks he believes he will be filing several more lawsuits against St. Francis Prep. What is interesting is that like the Yeshiva cases, it appears that several of the sexual abusers/harassers he has received calls about are still alive. But unlike the Yeshiva cases, most of the abusers are not hiding out in Israel. They are still in the U.S., some a few states away, some only a few miles from the school, and some living in the school.  

It is going to be very interesting. We will keep you posted and you will see the amended complaint here, when it is officially filed.

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