Friday, January 4, 2013

Please Br. Leonard, Just Do the Math for Us!

Ok... so first I would like to say thanks to all the people sending us messages and information. We appreciate everything you're telling us, and we'll check it out.

I want to also re-post a comment that was posted on the Dec. 26th blog today:

I graduated 1986.. Stenger smacked a student in front of me and threw a chair because he was after third bell. Buddha threw numerous chairs across the room in cor to get to a kid and pin him against a wall. I was told to wear a shot (sic) skirt and a low cut blouse to drivers ed to pass. I was bullied beyond belief in Prep: my locker being broken into and pants having the crotch cut out, my diary being stolen and read by the football team, thrown into garbage bins, I could go on and on. My mother was called in and told that if I was more normal, I wouldn't have trouble and the culprits of everything were never even asked about it. Football players who cheated (three copied the same paper, two were given C's so they could play, and one an A because he changed one sentence). It was 4 years of hell.

Exposing all this makes all the threats we've received worth it. Keep it coming, guys!

This same person also had this comment:

If SFP has nothing to hide, perhaps they should open up their doors to independent investigators..and see what happens...oh wait...they will threaten anyone who tries to speak out.

Not a bad idea! Let's have a full investigation of the last 30 years, not some internal SFP "committee". Let's have full background checks done for every single person who works in the building.

And one more thing: Br. Leonard, if you're going to post letters on the alumni site claiming defamation and use a lot of other big words, then the least you could do is clear the air for everyone and answer this question: If a student's REAL final grade for a course is 71, what number is put on their report card? If you're not sure what we're talking about, read the last blog please!

Let's see if we get an answer...


  1. Ms. Cucinotta, the students in the classes you taught (those awful business ones) were the ones mostly attended by the idiots who couldn't handle science or math electives their junior and/or senior years. These students you say you "loved" are the ones who were benefiting from this 70-75 or whatever nonsense. Stop making such a big deal out of it, shit.

  2. Uh, do you not get, that it applies to every course in the school? And that's lovely, calling those kids idiots. St. Francis would be proud, I'm sure. If you're so confident in your assessment that seniors in electives were mostly the ones benefitting, then let's pull the grades for all the students in all the grade levels for the past 5 years. I bet you'll be surprised, and we think you'll find that you're the idiot.

  3. And nice job hiding your identity with AOL opaque. Grow a set and use your name.

  4. Oh, and one more thing. It's not "nonsense" to the kid in another high school who worked for his 75 and earned it and is competing to get in college with kids who earned a 71 and got a fake 75. It's really not all about you, and how everything impacts just you. It's a little more complicated than that.