Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Compilation of Comments, So St. Francis Prep's Administration Can Continue to Shit Itself Over All the Bad Publicity

First, let me say over 60,000 people have read the Burn Blogs. That is truly amazing, and we are just thrilled that the horrible truth about St. Francis Prep is getting out there, not just locally, but nationally.

Someone recently posted on our website that students' comments about anything should not be taken at "face value." Then someone responded that is a shitty idea, that they all should be taken seriously. Perhaps the best route would be to take them seriously enough to seriously investigate and see if there is any merit to them. From what we have learned about SFP, that's the problem. Things are not investigated. Things are overlooked. Things are swept under the rug. Things are diminished. The reason this happens is, the administration wants to hide the truth. But the truth will continue to come out. We are going to make sure of it in the coming days, and we will have a few big surprises for you.

But, there are SFP zealots who don't want to accept the truth, in any form it is presented. It's kind of like the assholes at Penn State who didn't want to believe Jo Pa could ever do something to protect the trophies instead of the students.

This prompted us to compile a little list of comments for you tonight from various sources. These comments are the commentators' truth. It is what they lived, and what they know .

From Reddit, regarding the Metro article about Mr. K's lawsuit: Read the article...this guy served faithfully and did so with student's best interests at heart for over 30 years...he got close to retirement and they got rid of him. I went to this school...I never had him as a teacher, but he was well liked and respected by all the kids. I remember the positive energy around him. I also remember what a sniveling douche bag now principal Brother Leonard was. I also remember now-assistant principal Patrick McLaughlin. He was a fuckin' Gym teacher and struck my 17 year old self as a sleazy, self-serving weasel. I remember the Dean, Gaspar Abruzzo, who took me under his wing because he knew I was on the edge of not making it through this challenging school. He dropped dead in the late 80's. I remember how I felt when I heard about it: not good. About a month later, these assholes are sending out fund-raising letters invoking Mr. Abruzzo's name and suggesting donations be made in his name. FUCK YOU, St. Francis Preparatory School Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY

From a comment on one of our blogs:
Seriously? really?
I graduated 1986.. Stenger smacked a student in front of me and threw a chair because he was after third bell. Buddha threw numerous chairs across the room in cor to get to a kid and pin him against a wall. I was told to wear a shot skirt and a low cut blouse to drivers ed to pass. I was bullied beyond belief in Prep: my locker being broken into and pants having the crotch cut out, my diary being stolen and read by the football team, thrown into garbage bins, I could go on and on. My mother was called in and told that if I was more normal, I wouldn't have trouble and the culprits of everything were never even asked about it. Football players who cheated (three copied the same paper, two were given C's so they could play, and one an A because he changed one sentence). It was 4 years of hell.
Note from EC: Buddha is the nickname for Br. Richard Pinkus. He was my Earth Science teacher, too. He was f*cking nuts, and he did throw chairs, and grab kids by the arm so hard it looked like their arms were going to get pulled out of their sockets. Another nut job was Br. Ronald. He would hit us, every day, in Social Studies. He would hold our shoulder still with one hand, and use the other hand to jab his nuckles in. You could hear the thuds on our shoulders as he hit us.

From a comment on one of our blogs:
If you are a student please check Naviance, which Prep supplies you with!! Those colleges that you claim Prep helps people get into- bullshit!

In the past 9 years- 3 students were accepted into Harvard!
In the past 9 years- 2 students were accepted into Yale!
In the past 9 years- 6 students were accepted into Columbia (and I know 2 who go there that say PREP DID NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THIS)
In the past 9 years- 5 students were accepted into Notre Dame!

You and I both know the majority of kids end up at St. John's! Don't glorify a school that does not deserve glorification.

Also from a blog comment: All of you prep defenders talking about ignorance and respect.. calling someone a "lesbo" is both ignorant and disrespectful. Like prep, you are falling into hypocracy. Mr. C - male gym teacher, still works there - office is located in the boy's locker room.. constantly telling female students to go to his office for some bullshit - that's not creepy? Mr. K being fired for expressing himself, very Catholic of you. Why the fuck are you defending a school... a school that charges WAY too much in my opinion. All of the students there, probably you people included are minions of what is supposed to be. Life isn't perfect - what makes you think that every staff member of SFP are? If people who deserved to be fired were actually fired there wouldn't be a school.

My years at St. Francis Prep (2002-2006) were absolute HELL. I wasn't wealthy, so I was constantly put down by the students who were. The amount of cliques in that school and the teachers who were in them as well is disgusting. Student cliques are found everywhere, true; but for staff to get involved it's absolutely fucking ridiculous.

Go fuck yourself St. Francis Prep.

Also from a blog comment: Never had Mr. Stenger, but did have friends who years earlier were on one of the varsity football teams that kicked him out of the locker room, they knew he was a creep staring at them in the showers, never understood why he never got fired.

From Facebook
Mr. K is a wonderful, kind, knowledgeable individual. When I was a student at Prep and participating in scenic design for the theatre program, I always looked forward to working with him in the lighting booth. Though I never had him as a teacher, which I regret, we had many conversations about the social justice topics he believes so strongly in. I admire him and he's truly an inspiration. It's too bad that the administration of St. Francis Prep is closed minded. But in the end, Mr. K is better off teaching in an school where he'll be appreciated for all that he has to offer. It's SFP's loss of an amazing educator and the major gain of another school. While I attended Prep, I witnessed many teachers "reprimanding" heterosexual couples making out in the hallways by simply saying, "Make room for the Holy Spirit!" and then laughing and walking away. However, two lesbian friends of mine who gave each other a kiss goodbye before class were immediately dragged to the dean's office and belittled and told that their "behavior is completely unacceptable." The hypocrisy of that place always made me sick.
From former SFP art teacher Casey Smith, a wonderful teacher I had the pleasure of knowing, on Facebook:

Its taken me some time now to mull over the details and embrace the facts at hand objectively. Initially I was eager to lash out at the school for what I deemed disgraceful. This partially stems from my own experiences with Saint Francis Preparatory, its administration and its blatant hypocrisy, all of which ultimately lead to my resignation. However, in my time as a faculty member and furthermore my years as a student I had the pleasure of getting to know Mr. K and being taught through his positive demeanor and general respect for humans (as the bible taught). I was aware of his style choices and selection of attire and was not phased by it on any personal or professional levels, his personality and perseverance for excellence had long been set. Following a 32 year record of such excellence ; which has been marked by numerous accommodations and awards ; it wouldn't matter to me or anyone with a genuine soul if Mark choose a french manicure or a pink polka dotted dinosaur costume to represent himself. Following my departure from Saint Francis Prep I held my head knowing that I worked with a selection of NY's best and brightest educators and students. Today, I close my eyes and bow my head in shame to have been associated to the few at S.F.P. that wield hatred and discrimination as opposed to the acceptance and open arms that a christian should have. In time these atrocities will fade and we will remember minor details. But never forget that no matter who you are no one, no group, no collection of VIP's has the authority to judge or discriminate unless they are God him/her self.

From our website: The head of guidance is doing a wonderful job. I especially liked our counseling sessions back in the day, when she told me that one of my peers was born to a "crack ho" and that my best friend's mother was going to "kill the whole family." The administration is deplorable. The faculty is teeming with psychotic perverts and abusive assholes. What you did to Mr. K is one of thousands of examples of how poorly Prep treats their best teachers. You're too busy reprimanding good teachers for not meeting a quota of dress code detentions that you allow students to be preyed upon by pedophiles instead of learning. These are KIDS who should be getting an education and not worrying about why their teacher is looking at them the wrong way, making inappropriate comments- or that the head of guidance is quite possibly gossiping about their personal problems. Prep: Formally apologize and make a big change- or Burn and rot in hell!

Also from our website: Wow SFP.... WTF!?!? Alum here.. 80-84. We had a nun that taught religion holding hands with a nerdy math teacher at Great Adventure one year.... But at least they didn't hide it.... Everyone knew. Everyone knew Stenger was a perv that liked wieners (who doesn't)--- but I can't say I ever saw him lose his temper but thought he should be fired because he was an AWFUL teacher ... The worst! The only positive part of that is that it will "prep"you for those awful tenured college profs that stay 'till they are dead in the grave. Nuzzi was a pig that I had the misfortune to share a driver ed car with 3 attractive girls that he made so uncomfortable .... They must still be the worst parallel parkers if they can drive at all. There were cliques as in any school.... But not too intimidating as the jocks were Morons .. Ok 90 pct of them. I also had a Brother (GF) Offer to improve my 97(!) avg if I would accompany him up to the friary for dinner? Um..no. He should Burn and rot in hell!

Also from our website:
To SFP, Its been a while. But I just found out about this website. And I'm happy to hear about its popularity. When I was at prep, there was quite a bit of visible corruption. Big contributors to the school's foundation would be rewarded with easy As for their children. Kids who paid to dress down would be written off detentions left and right. I had a few late detentions and was offered time and time again to get them written off if I started to 'participate' in fundraisers. On numerous occasions when I pointed out the injustice going on I would suddenly find out my detentions were going up and be consequently shook down by one of the deans. I know more and it will come out. Ask yourself SFP, where did brother Benjamin (Spanish) go? Hes out there somewhere repeating his offenses on others. Everyone knew what happened but no one said anything. Parents pay SFP for a piece of paper and the illusion of shelter from the outside. Go Burn and rot in hell!
Of all the blogs, I think I like this one the best, because the words are not mine. They show such courage, and such raw honesty from others, that they have re-energized us. The wheels are in motion. There's no stopping them. Change is coming. 

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