Monday, August 3, 2015

This Is What Parents Are Paying For at St. Francis Prep

Today, a graduate forwarded this email sent out by Joe Licata, Foreign Language Department Chair, regarding an open teaching position for the upcoming school year:

Does this seem ok to you? Specifically, I am referring to the portions which read "I am in need of someone who might feel qualified to teach..." and "if you have any knowledge, at all, of those languages, please touch base with me."

Any knowledge AT ALL???? Shouldn't a teacher have a lot of knowledge about the topics they are teaching? Does SFP have any standards for faculty teaching freshmen whose parents are paying close to ten thousand dollars in fees and tuition for their child's first year? Were there similar minimum criteria for SFP alumnus and child rapist former teacher Rodney Alejandro (whom I blogged about last December): This child rapist former SFP teacher is also a graduate

Can't they find anyone qualified to teach there without sending this pathetic email to their alumni base? (I would be absolutely mortified if I were Brother Leonard.)

Maybe not, I guess. Maybe they can't find anyone. Sometimes you don't get what you pay for.

As a side note, my book is coming out very shortly (like a few weeks from now.) More about that soon. In addition, here is my personal website: if you feel that I may be able to help you and you would like to contact me personally.

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  1. I find this terrible and so discusting that this is how they recruit teachers. Im a student at this school and see my parents struggle everyday working a total of 4 jobs to give me what i thought was the best education i could receive in New York. I guess i was saddly mistaken. Tuition is close to $9,000 for the new school year (2015-2016).Which i do not understand because many students in this school including myself have purchased RAW UNCOOKED INFESTED FOOD IN THE CAFETERIA. Also roaches in the soda machines and mold in the snacks (Rice Krispy's). Not only that but the parade of roaches that live rent free in the hallways and stairwells. Thats so wrong of them to be having so UNCLEAN eating condition where almost 3,000 CHILDREN eat for breakfast and lunch. Prep is so money hungry, then have the nerve to put our Lord and Savior's face in front of their establishment. I really cant believe i watch my parents struggle to give them 70% of their paycheck every month to these people just so i can to get taught spanish by José that was mowing grass two weeks ago, or French by Pierre that was making pastries in a mall last weekend. I could only imagine how many of these teacher who currently work there got recruited like this. All i know is Prep has clearly shown itself to be a scam if they are raising their tuition EVERY YEAR for no apparent reason and getting teachers that are not even at least certified and have experience teaching.

    1. Bianca, thank you so much for your comment. The best thing you can do is to spread the word about this blog post, and suggest that everyone's parents start calling the school demanding answers. You may want to read the blog from Dec. 2013, about Joseph DiSomma, the financial controller of the school who was also convicted of conspiracy to commit robbery and served almost five years in federal prison.

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