Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I am EC, and Saint Francis Prep Has Mistaken Me For Someone Who Gives a Shit - And Who Is the Mole?

It's been too long. It's time to tell the whole story of this website, how it came about, and all the things that happened after it launched. I am an owner of the company that owns this website. On various posts on my website you will see users calling me EC. I attended Saint Francis Preparatory School in Fresh Meadows, NY, from 1983 - 1987. I was an honor student. I had a pretty good experience there up until 1986. In 1986, the head of the Phys. Ed department, Thomas Nuzzi, was my driver's ed teacher. He was a disgusting pig. He tried to get me alone in the driver's ed car or back at his house on several occasions. He often asked me to come over and help feed his dogs and told me he would drive me home. He constantly said things like, "my wife is dying of a brain tumor and I am lonely." He said things like "you are special." He made passes at me in the driver's education car. He made passes at me in front of my friends. When I did not show interest, he got angry. He said he would fail me for driver's ed. Somehow he had "never received" my project that I handed to him directly two weeks earlier. I didn't tell anyone. I was afraid if I told that my father would kill him and go to jail - that's how Italian men feel about their daughters. Later in the semester, Tom Nuzzi and two of his friends were fired for fraud- they were telling parents student ski trips they organized cost more money than they did, and they were pocketing the difference.

Years later, in 2007, I taught business at Saint Francis Prep. I had been a lawyer for several years, but wanted a change. I believed what had happened 20 years earlier was an isolated incident of madness. I was mistaken.  My very first day teaching, a religion teacher told me about a freshman girl who had slept with a teacher. I was told that the administration did nothing until a little girl gave graphic details.

The longer I worked there, the more people came to "the lawyer" with their concerns. A few months into working there, I was told by my then department head, Brother Mark, that the man in charge of the school's finances, Joseph DiSomma, is a convicted jewel thief who was tied to the mafia, and whose mob name is Joey Diamonds. He said everyone in the building knows, but they all overlook it. I googled it. You can google him yourself and see what you think.  Brother Mark promised to protect me as much as he could from all the sordid characters at Saint Francis Prep. Those were his exact words, "I will protect you." Brother Mark quit at the end of my first year there. It was unheard of for a Franciscan Monk to quit working at a Franciscan school and he had to get permission from the powers above him in the Franciscan hierarchy. I was very sad to see him go. He was a good man. He stood up for what he believed in. He gave me three reasons why he was quitting - Br. Leonard (the Principal), Pat McLaughlin ( the Assistant Principal) and Joe DiSomma (the Controller).

Time went on. Story after story after story was told to me by others. Like, for example, how a couple of years before I started working there, a homeless man walked into the school cafeteria and set it on fire. The doors weren't locked and there was no security that day. The reason it wasn't in the news is because the school has graduates working at most of the major networks and they covered it up.

I witnessed horrible injustices myself. At the end of 2008 the school was going to be featured as Cosmopolitan Magazine's Ultimate Prom. The head of the guidance department, Robyn Armon, pretty much hand-picked who would win prom queen, because her niece was involved in running the contest for Cosmo. She picked the cheerleader daughter of the the football coach/Italian teacher. I was advocating for a student in my accounting class who had cancer, and who came to class weak, bald head and all, so she could graduate with her friends. Robyn told me she wasn't "the face of SFP." Really? I would like to think that type of person is exactly who we would want to be the face of SFP. But I guess I was mistaken.  (By the way, the head of Campus Ministries was present for that conversation, so please Prep don't try to lie about it, it would be really pathetic.) And Suzy R., I am sorry I let you down. I tried.

In 2009, my best friend at the school, Andrea, was overheard talking about "Joey Diamonds" with her coworkers. She was called into McLaughlin's office for a meeting. Joe DiSomma was there. She was warned and told never to speak of it again. So she didn't. Later, when all the shit went down with this website, and tons of posts were going up about shady situations at the school, Andrea was accused of being the mole. This information was leaked to me by the real mole, who didn't work at the school at all. But more about the mole later.

During my third year teaching, there was a kid in my accounting class named Brad. Brad was obviously high in class on more than one occasion. I kept sending him to the Dean until he was drug tested. His drug test came back inconclusive because the school nurse had left Mr. Clean on the counter in the bathroom where he had to pee in the cup. So he poured the Mr. Clean into his urine sample. Bingo, he was let off the hook! They let him out of the nurse's office high and he threatened to beat the shit out of me. The next day they sent him back to my class. A few days later, in my communications class (yes, I was blessed to have him as a student in two classes!) he came in asking if anyone had change for a $100 bill. Then he asked to go to the restroom and took his backpack with him. With the help of another student, I put two and two together and I had called security to come to my classroom when he came back from the restroom. They found drugs and cash in his backpack. He had confessed to dealing drugs to hundreds of kids at the school. My question was, why did I have to keep pushing this issue to have some action taken? Oh, because his dad was President of a corporation on Long Island...I see, I see.

It was around this time that the former Dean of Women, Carolyn Szostek told me about a teacher whose name was Stenger. I remembered his name vaguely from when I went to Prep in the 80's. She had said that the administration knew he "touched the boys" and was a "pervert." The administration never did anything about it, and Stenger taught there pretty much until he died. By the way, she said he left almost his entire estate to the school, and made one of the teachers his executor. She had reviewed the accounting for the estate and made sure the teacher had received his executor's commission. A nice, happy ending, except for the decades of boys who had been touched inappropriately by this man. Carol told me about another teacher who was generally considered a pervert.  It was someone in the religion department. When my site went live, a student posted about this man repeatedly whispering in students' ears...coincidence? When Patrick McLaughlin saw that post, he asked me "How could you let such a thing go up on that site about _______________?" This is how I could let it go up, Pat, BECAUSE HE IS a pervert, and somebody f*cking needs to do something about it!

At the end of my 3rd year teaching at the school, my accounting students won the NYC Stock Market Game sponsored by SIFMA. This is no small feat. We beat 1450 teams and were featured in the Daily News, and on the radio news shows in NY. I was temporarily a superstar among the administration. Later, when all the shit went down with my website, teachers were instructed to spread a rumor that I had paid off SIFMA to win. Wow, you guys are loooooowwwww...attack me all you want, but to diminish the efforts of brilliant graduates at your school, that's beyond shitty.

At the beginning of my 4th year working there, I had an idea for a website. I wanted a venting site that people could go to and let off steam. With the recession in the U.S., people were angry. I was going to call it, like tell all your troubles to Burn and rot in hell! It was actually my wife's idea to call it that, because that's what she says about things that piss her off. I thought it was a great idea. I asked the Dean of Women, Carolyn Szostek, if I could do such a thing. I asked her because we were friends and she was also the principal's right hand person. She was all in - 150%. She was made an administrator on my facebook fan page. I have her handwriting on my terms of use, which she reviewed and made suggestions about. Her daughter researched copyright issues for me. When I found out I was going to be interviewed about it on the radio, I asked if I should let the principal know. She said "No, it's not necessary." 

She knew I had told some graduates and current students about the site and she didn't have a problem with it. I was not hiding anything. I talked about it openly with faculty and staff (right Ms. V?). I asked the school priest if it was ok to use that name for the site since I worked in a Catholic school. He said it was fine.

Months later, when the website was up and running, kids started posting about their experiences at the school. I was also inundated with Facebook messages from students, past and present, asking for help. Atrocious, egregious, and inexplicable situations at the school were coming to light.

The Assistant Principal Patrick McLaughlin called me in to his office. He said he didn't care about the website but wanted the Bad Teachers and Bad Students sections taken down. The rest could stay. I said I wouldn't do it. He said "Why, because it's good for business?" This man should really be the last one talking about business ethics.

The Principal, Br. Leonard, met with me. Let me rephrase that - he didn't actually "meet" with me. Patrick McLaughlin called me into an office with the school priest and Principal and they sort of ambushed me. They had their little notepads on their laps. So scary! And gee, Carolyn was nowhere to be found! Why wasn't she there? Br. Leonard said he wanted those two sections of my website down. I said no. I had asked him why it was ok for one of his teachers to be in a YouTube video marching in the gay pride parade in his underwear but it was not ok for me to have my website. Everyone knew about this video, which was a year old, and which teachers made fun of and gossiped about constantly (which is how I found out about it). Brother Leonard Conway lied to me and said that the video had been taken down. He lied right to my face and I knew it!  Then I said I wasn't taking down those sections of my site, and he suspended me. Funny, that Dean Carolyn Szostek was not suspended also.  They sent me home.

That night, I told most of the world what had happened on Fox News.

The next day, the principal's secretary called me and told me that if I did not come in by 2:37 pm to meet with the principal I would be terminated. I knew they were going to ask me to take down my site. I didn't go. I said "terminate me" instead.

A few days later, they sent a letter home to parents of every student of the school, telling them I was a rogue teacher who did this all on my own without checking with anyone. I was pissed. I went on Fox again. They told me to go on again I had to give them something different or they would not air my side of the story. I told them about the gay pride parade video. Fox blocked the teacher's face out, but aired it. My then business partner decided we should blog about it, too. He did not block the face out.

I sold out for a bad reason, and more students were mad at me than pleased with me, but that's how it goes. My wife told me not to put the video on air but I didn't listen. I made a mistake and I take responsibility for it. By the way, publicizing the video was never about the gay part. I'm gay, and I have marched. As a teacher, I just never would do it in my underwear. I wouldn't do it in my underwear even 20 years ago when I wasn't a teacher and was buff. But that's just me.

I continued to see disturbing posts and receive messages about things going on at the school. Some of this information was posted or sent to me by "the mole." There was someone on the inside who wanted the truth to come out! However, the mole was not someone who worked at the school. The mole was someone who had f*cked someone in the religion department. The mole was a "swinger". Someone who has lots of sex with lots of people. In fact, the mole had sex with about 1/2 of Prep's female population, both married and unmarried. These swingers meet at a specific bar in Queens and "hook up." (I know which one, I have checked it out, but I won't tell you which one it is. Let them have their fun.)The mole went by the name Angel Amore. Every bit of information he sent me checked out. He told me how to contact graduates who had been sexually harassed by their teachers, and boys who had been grabbed and kissed by the Franciscan Brothers. He gave me info about teachers who had done some naughty things, like loaded porn on school computers. I never asked Angel Amore's real name, and I didn't care. As proof of his swinging with the women of Prep, he gave me access to pictures of him having sex with these women who worked there, and a list of names of his conquests. I don't know if these women know they were photographed, so if they didn't before now, surprise from me to you! You're on Amore cam, parked on AIM. You may call Angel a pervert, but I won't. I'm a lesbian and I'm sure  a good portion of the country, even in the year 2012, would call me a perve. What Angel and these women do is consensual and private. I won't judge it.

So, there were two accounts of Brothers kissing male students. There were several stories of sexual harassment of female students by teachers. There weres stories of extreme nepotism that were purposely being hidden from the faculty by McLaughlin so as to not create a stir (like the head of the religion department hiring her niece and niece's fiance to teach in her department), and there is much more.

There was one post on my website made by a student who had written an article for the school paper about why students should not be forced to wear leather shoes. The premise of the article was that St. Francis was an animal advocate and he wouldn't approve.  This student's story was quashed by the administration - too controversial. I am an animal advocate and this, combined with everything else, just about sent me over the edge. Teachers apparently can do basically anything they want at Prep but a student there can't question in a newspaper article whether it is a good policy for students to only wear leather shoes? Does that seem a little unfair to you?

Threats came on the phone and in the mail telling me to take the posts down. A friend of Joey Diamonds' posted on my site about taking the posts about his true identity down. In the process "Michelle DeRosalito" confirmed (accidentally?) his identity. The posts stayed up. Time went by. I received more threats. Ones I got in the mail were more scary because they always have that "I know where you live" overtone. I got nervous about my family's safety, and the posts came down.

Ironically, just a few days ago a post went up on my website from the administration, faculty and staff wishing me a Merry Christmas and peace in my heart. Really? I find this amusing. I wonder what precipitated that, almost two years after I "was terminated." Be assured, I do have peace in my heart.  You can have peace when you know you are pursuing justice. I now know all the things you've covered up, Administration, and I know I provide a vehicle to bring these issues to light. Hopefully someone in a position of authority will see this - the Pope maybe? - and do something about it.

Be assured of this though: If one hair is harmed on the head of anyone I care about because of this blog all the documentation I have will be published. Included in this pile is what will be a very embarrassing series of texts between a former member of your administration and me. Oh, and pictures, lots of pictures. I don't trust the people in charge of Prep as far as I can throw them, obviously.

I have been asked by those closest to me what result I am hoping for from all this now. I only want what will keep children safe. So I guess I want the administration replaced. All of them, every single one. Nothing will change until that happens. I like change, change is good.

Jan. 10, 2013: Please do not infer that anything written in this blog is about Mr. Krolikowski, because it isn't. He is not alluded to in any of the Burn blogs. Please also be aware that the blog about SFP's phony inflated grading system was forwarded to the Middle States Accreditation Commission last evening at a reader's request. It is important that colleges and universities across the country can rely on transcript information that is submitted to them.

Jan. 1, 2013: I am adding this note today, requesting you read the subsequent blogs. There is information there you will find very interesting. I also expose St. Francis Prep's phony inflated grading system. I wrote that blog specifically so that parents of students know that their kids' grades may not really be the grades they earned.

Jan. 5, 2013: As of today, there have been 4 attempts to hack EC's personal email, with detailed notifications from Yahoo, including that the hackers tried to answer her security questions several times. Also to date, there have been ten anonymous phone calls, including ones on her home line which is unlisted. People who are desperate do desperate things.


  1. Woahh. This is alot to process. I mean if this is all true.. let there be justice.

  2. If you had some ethic in teaching and work you would have brought all this nonsense up immediately when you found out. May I ask why you hold onto pictures? May I ask why you just hold onto all your supposed evidence? You decide to write this blog after two years after getting fired. Here's what happened, your website wasn't doing well and the only way to publicize was to target Prep because that's how you got on the news in the first place. Don't even target the teacher in the gay pride parade because you yourself is a lesbian. One may have more pride, therefore he wanted to show it and express himself. And to use students names in this is just improper. Your work ethic is immoral and if you wanted to keep children safe as you suggested you would have proven all of this to be true the second you found out. You are a fraud and please stop targeting a great school. As an alum, I never encountered any issues at prep with anyone. I got the best education possible. You my friend, are scum and have nothing better to do with your life. Please go take of your daughter and don't speak nonsense. This is the reason why your website was disliked in the first place by prep. You prove that they were just in firing you for this type of a website. Thank you.

    1. Dayummm...sfpalum SFP speaks the truth. RESPECT mah niggah. Shut your mouth you lesbian slut

    2. ^ Brilliant. Just brilliant, good job using English. At least the author uses proper grammar and proper English. Apparently it's time to go back to school.

    3. Glad you had a great time at Prep. I didn't. I had four years of hell. And the teachers and administrators were well aware of it and did nothing about it.

      Just because you weren't a victim of what happened and seems to continue to happen at that place doesn't mean it didn't happen. You should feel lucky it wasn't you.

      Donna Valenzano, Class of 1986

  3. I am digusted by reading these complete lies that you are making up about this wonderful institution. The fact that people came to you and told you this information is total bullshit. You were a nobody at that school and a shitty communications teacher. Thats just a joke class that no one cares about. You think they care about letting you go? Any idiot could teach that subject. I find it unbelievable that a nobody like you at that school could come across such info like this when no one else in the school had ever even mentioned anything like this. I dont care what the hell happened to you in the 80s, those are probably lies as well. The principals at prep have no problem approaching people who are harmful to the school environment because thats why they fired your ass. I find it amusing how you are coming out with all of this wonderful info now. It probably took u two years to make all of this shit up. SFP should sue u for all this garbage that u are putting on this site.

    1. Seriously? really?
      I graduated 1986.. Stenger smacked a student in front of me and threw a chair because he was after third bell. Buddha threw numerous chairs across the room in cor to get to a kid and pin him against a wall. I was told to wear a shot skirt and a low cut blouse to drivers ed to pass. I was bullied beyond belief in Prep: my locker being broken into and pants having the crotch cut out, my diary being stolen and read by the football team, thrown into garbage bins, I could go on and on. My mother was called in and told that if I was more normal, I wouldn't have trouble and the culprits of everything were never even asked about it. Football players who cheated (three copied the same paper, two were given C's so they could play, and one an A because he changed one sentence). It was 4 years of hell.

  4. This is really bothering me and I feel like venting because that is what your website is designed for. You are extremely stereotypical for a supposed ethical and moral woman. You speak of Italian fathers in this message which is foolish. It's an excuse for you to not tell the truth, you're hiding something.

    Later you go on to say, "Out of the blue, she asked me if I had slept with Tom Nuzzi. She looked upset. I said no. Then she said Tom Nuzzi had hit on her, and had sex with three of her friends." As you quote, SHE SAID, many people say things and are not true. You are a prime example because you talk a lot of sh*t and have no factual evidence to provide.

    Don't you dare speak about Robyn Armon either, she is probably one of the most influential and helpful woman in existence. I am sorry to say this a student with cancer shouldn't necessarily have won for that reason. I can put my life on it Ms. Armon would never say she wouldn't be the face of prep. Anyone can make this up as your friend did with that man having sex with three girls.

    The student dealing drugs was improper obviously. You should not mention his name in this article because that is very immature of you. But once again, you try coming up with a reason to cover it up saying his father was some president, I see, I see. Where is your proof for that is the reason why? You don't know the story behind the scene with this student, he may have had issues or had to make ends meet. Prep may have been giving him a second chance but he failed it.

    You work at a school and you put up posts about that teacher who was a supposed pervert. Don't be stupid because you said someone should do something about it. You could have, but once again you wait until NOW to bring all this up. Somethings stirring up with you.....

    "I sold out for a bad reason, and more students were mad at me than pleased with me, but that's how it goes. My wife told me not to put the video on air but I didn't listen. I made a mistake and I take responsibility for it. By the way, publicizing the video was never about the gay part. I'm gay, and I have marched. As a teacher, I just never would do it in my underwear. I wouldn't do it in my underwear even 20 years ago when I wasn't a teacher and was buff. But that's just me." Like someone said previously, some people have more pride than others. Not everybody is the same you ignorant fool.

    Don't talk about this teacher who "Fuc*ed" someone and half the female prep population. Don't exaggerated and be realistic. May I ask why you were looking for pictures yourself? You're sounding like the pervert.

    Lastly, DO NOT say anything about McLaughlin. He is a great individual, cares about his students, engages in conversation all the time, like to meet with students to resolve problems, and is all around a great man. Regardless whether what you said is true or false, it doesn't change his image for thousands of students and alumni.

    Elizabeth Cucionotta you are extremely ignorant, immoral, unethical, foolish, and thirst to be publicized. I would say a majority of this is false and if it were true you should have spoke up earlier. You hid these things for a reason until you were terminated. Very proper decision by The Prep to terminate you. They suffered no loss.

  5. This is obviously a lie. I doubt that a teacher would ever want to sleep with you. If i was the teacher i would fail you for your looks~that's some vomit inducing shit. If i was the drivers ed teacher i would purposely crash into oncoming traffic so you would be forced to get that shit bag you call a face reconstructed.

    1. That is some classic John McJohn. I agree with every word he said and we are definitely not the same person. Remember when you got fired, and wrote a freakishly long lie about people trying to sex you. My lanta who would ever want to sleep with you? answer: noone. Bam lesbo you just got destroyed

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. So that leads me to another point, EC. I must say I found it rather distasteful for you to challenge the character and integrity of Prep’s greatest, Ms. Robyn Armon. Of all people in that building, Ms. Armon sits alone at the top in making kids as comfortable as possible in high school, while working unending hours to help bolster the resumes of our students and get them into illustrious colleges. Ever since I was introduced to her in Junior Year, I knew Ms. Armon was different. She was unlike all faculty there, she worked more for the students than for the adults there. If you got into trouble, she would help you out. If you had a problem, she would talk it out with you. If it was your dream to go to one college, and one college only, she would bust her ass to make sure that you had the best damn chance to get into that college. And you know what, EC? She did. Ms. Armon is as hard a worker as I have ever seen, a great woman who kills herself to provide a better future for all the kids around her. I have seen her work tirelessly, fight with coworkers, stand up to her peers, all to help out the students that she loves. You see, it is not just a job to her. It is her life’s calling. It is something irreplaceable. God put her on this Earth to help guide people like me. So ask yourself EC, what good comes of what you do? Do you feel fulfilled in life? You do feel you have met your calling? I bet it must make you feel powerful, standing in front of the camera starting a crusade against your former employers. Life is a product of the good things we do, that is how I measure success. By betraying your employers, slandering your coworkers, and providing a vessel for cyberbullying, do you bring us any good? Or just more pain, especially during Christmastime, to a place whose members are still grieving the losses of Hurricane Sandy and tragic accidents?

    This world needs not your webpage, nor your YouTube videos, nor your news tesitmonies. If I have a problem, I don’t tell the person to burn and rot in hell. I talk it out with my guidance counselor, Ms. Armon, who is 1000x a better vessel to “vent” then your hate-filled website. If I have a problem with someone or something in the school, I go to Mr. McLaughlin, a good, kind-hearted, hard-working man, who helps to see that the problems are resolved. If I have a problem in life, I do as Jesus would do, I do as Saint Francis, the leader of Prep’s mission, would do, I turn the other cheek. And at the root of it all, you realize that 95% of the people worth “venting” about aren’t bad people, they are good people who by some sickly consequence of nature, aren’t the same. Maybe someone acts a certain way because their parents were divorced at a young age; maybe someone acts like an overpowering jerk because she saw her dad die when she was young, and she feels the need to be in charge; maybe someone is a bully because certain websites allowed for other kids to bully him. EC, you are the one who needs the wake-up call in life. Not my family, Saint Francis Prep. Good luck with your website and your little mission in life. Just know that quite simply, while you struggle and fight to ruin the reputation of Saint Francis Prep, I defend it with ease.

    I am a Saint Francis Prep student. Prep is my home. You attack them, you attack its students, you attack me. And here is a lesson, you don’t win against me easily. May God bless you and forgive you your own sins, for it is His judgment that matters only, not yours.

    --Washington Irving

    1. Washington Irving-

      If you are a student please check Naviance, which Prep supplies you with!! Those colleges that you claim Prep helps people get into- bullshit!

      In the past 9 years- 3 students were accepted into Harvard!
      In the past 9 years- 2 students were accepted into Yale!
      In the past 9 years- 6 students were accepted into Columbia (and I know 2 who go there that say PREP DID NOT CONTRIBUTE TO THIS)
      In the past 9 years- 5 students were accepted into Notre Dame!

      You and I both know the majority of kids end up at St. John's! Don't glorify a school that does not deserve glorification.

    2. Oh and in the past 9 years- 1 kid has been accepted into Princeton!!!

    3. If SFP teaches you that in the business world "the boss is always right," you better transfer out of the school while you still have the chance. You clearly mean "the customer is always right" which is taught in any beginning marketing class and which again is not always true. If your boss is supporting unethical behavior, the sexual abuse of children, and is blind to the evidence right in front of his face, he is a terrible boss and in no way deserves even a speck of respect or loyalty. That is quite simply a bad boss. This woman stood up to her boss and that is commendable; even accepting a termination in support of her initial idea. What she actually is teaching her students is to be an individual (which is becoming so rare these days); stick to what you believe in, stand up for your ideals, and do anything in your power to remember to be yourself even when clouded by negativity. This teacher is a positive example to any student. You may also want to search up the definition of cyber bullying, attempting to debase someone by claiming he/she is "a lonely woman....few friends" is the embodiment of cyber bullying! Good job SFP student, the future looks bright! Last, the students get themselves into those schools, it's their work ethic and commitment to academics, the institution is not responsible.

    4. Without the teachers who provide the education, the administration that harbors the education, the faculty members who write college recommendations, the guidance counselors that write counselor reports to colleges and transfer high-school transcripts, none of this is possible. And to discredit Saint Francis Prep for their achievements is stealing, stealing the credit and reputation that its faculty, staff, and students work to build. And quite honestly, this is exactly what she wanted. Just a business trick, sending out this blog to incite Prep students and faculty in order to bolster the user volume on the site. I made my point, I defended the true character of those that are misrepresented on this website, and I have nothing further to say. To say anymore is to contribute further to this lost cause of a website. Whoever you are, Joe and JoJo, may God bless your souls and let the peace of the Lord be with you always.

    5. Washington, I appreciate your comments. I appreciate that you have and continue to have an amazing experience at Prep. However, please be aware of a bigger picture..just because something wasn't happening to you, your friends or you weren't aware of what was happening to others and behind closed doors does not mean it doesn't exist.

      And again, you have no idea the emotional journey that EC has gone through and the inner turmoil that she experienced. Be that Christian that you talk about - and acknowledge that she had to deal with things that you, as a student and therefore no experience of the adult world, have no knowledge.

      I am a former student at Prep. I know for FACT that there was systematic abuse, favourtism, nepotism, ignorance, bullying and a heck of a lot more. Why? I was a victim of it. I am NOT the Donna mentioned in the blog. But I am a Donna that was there...and it wasn't pretty, it wasn't fun and it was four years of hell.

      There are a lot of great teachers there. (I wonder if Mr. Mendolia is still there? He's a former Prepster that I dated while at school and went back to teach) But that doesn't mean that there aren't bad.

      Donna Valenzano
      Class of 1986

  8. Turning your cheek on child molestation is just as much a crime as the person committing it. You seem from your writing that you are too young to "get it". Do you know the author of this blog that well that you can judge and know her intent? I would bet my life that the ugly truth will eventually bite you in the behind. Peace comes from knowing you did everything in capacity to end such evil. Defending without knowing is scary business. I hope you will find peace when the truth is exposed.

  9. I'm an SFP Alumnus as well, but I'm not going to hold onto the school like it's precious and as if its staff could do no wrong. I got a great education there, and I made a few friends, but many students and staff there are bad people. I can only be thankful that I didn't buy into religion and was already an agnostic, because this school's example of corruption and politics within religion would have confused the hell out of me. We all knew about at least SOME of the shit that was going on. You're either a liar or an idiot if you act like SFP is a paradise of no wrong actions. I'm tired of the naivety and I'm tired of the wrongdoings going on - financially, sexually, morally, ethically, etc. Good for you for getting this info out there at some point. Late is better than never, and of course SFP would want to make it look as if you made this all up because of your termination. Of course the Ultimate Prom thing was fixed. I remember when Graziella won when Suzy won the votes, but it was said that she was too weak to go and that it would be too much of a shock for her. REALLY, SFP? REALLY? And I can attest to Brother Ben asking cheerleaders to do splits for extra credit. If I can attest to that, I can only imagine that at least some of this other stuff is true. I'm not saying this post is full of lies, but I'm not saying it has to be all 100% true. We don't really know, do we?
    If you are an alumnus or current student of SFP, the least you can do is be realistic and keep an open mind to this stuff. You can't be that stupid and think everyone who ever stepped foot in SFP is a damn saint. Just because it's a Catholic school, that doesn't mean they practice what they preach. Stop being naive or burn and rot in hell.

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  11. EC...I am more than happy to help you in any way shape or form. That place was four years of hell...aside from the horrible bullying for which nothing was done by the well aware administration, I watched Stenger hit a student, Buddha pin another against a wall.

    If SFP has nothing to hide, perhaps they should open up their doors to independent investigators..and see what happens...oh wait...they will threaten anyone who tries to speak out.

    I will say this..some people had a great time at Prep...lucky you. I am happy for you. Lots of kids have great childhoods, live among nightmare people and don't become their victims, but those that do should not be shut down because it doesn't fit your little memory!! For some of us it there was hell. Be glad that you avoided/escaped it.

    1. Donna Valenzano, please contact us at It is very important.

  12. Thank you! We will keep that in mind! The truth is coming out and we are proud to be a part of that process. Thanks to everyone showing us support and sending us information. More blogs are coming!

  13. For all of the prep defenders who think there was nothing wrong going on because you and yours had a great time, remember this. Thousands of students thought Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky were paragons of virtue too.

  14. All of you prep defenders talking about ignorance and respect.. calling someone a "lesbo" is both ignorant and disrespectful. Like prep, you are falling into hypocracy. Mr. C - male gym teacher, still works there - office is located in the boy's locker room.. constantly telling female students to go to his office for some bullshit - that's not creepy? Mr. K being fired for expressing himself, very Catholic of you. Why the fuck are you defending a school... a school that charges WAY too much in my opinion. All of the students there, probably you people included are minions of what is supposed to be. Life isn't perfect - what makes you think that every staff member of SFP are? If people who deserved to be fired were actually fired there wouldn't be a school.

    My years at St. Francis Prep (2002-2006) were absolute HELL. I wasn't wealthy, so I was constantly put down by the students who were. The amount of cliques in that school and the teachers who were in them as well is disgusting. Student cliques are found everywhere, true; but for staff to get involved it's absolutely fucking ridiculous.

    Go fuck yourself St. Francis Prep.