Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is how we roll!

This is America, just sayin'. What this means is you have the right to Freedom of Speech. One of the owners of http://www.burnandrotinhell.com is a lawyer, and she knows her shit. So in this regard, she wants you to know that if it's your opinion, or a factually true story, you have every right to say it. So if you think Joe Schmo is whiner, you can say it. If you saw Kim Kardashian making out with Cee-Lo Green on the night before her wedding, you can say it. We feel so strongly about this we spent enough money for a downpayment on a house developing this website.

We're here because there are too many assholes in the world running rampant and they need to be put in check. We're also here so people can get annoying things off their chest before they get home from work and take it out on their kids.

Be warned though, if you use someone's first and last name in a post on our site, it will show up in a google search of their name. Even though our site is anonymous, they may figure out it's you and be really pissed! We have seen a lot of that lately!

But then again, so long as it is your opinion of them, or what you're saying is true, there's really not much they can do about it, other than cry in the corner like a little wimp.

OK, kids, are you going to be a Front Burner or stay a Back Burner your whole life? Start Burning, commenting, rating,and giving the finger to accumulate Burn Points that you can apply toward our gift store items.

You know you want to...otherwise you wouldn't have liked our fan page! So here we are, come join us in an internet revolution on http://www.burnandrotinhell.com!

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