Monday, May 9, 2011

Bad Tipper Burn List: Are You A Bad Tipper?

A deli delivery guy named Larry Fox from Williamsburg, NY started a blog called “15%” a few weeks ago. It is a blog about bad tippers. In the blog, the posts contained names and addresses of some of the worst offenders in NYC, including the staff of the TV series “The Good Wife” who only gave Larry a 5% delivery tip.
Larry’s stance is that delivery people should make at least a 15% tip on a delivery. Many people, he says, will tip two dollars for a delivery whether the order is $10 or $100.

Larry, we at the Burn Blog are embarrassed to say we were under the impression a couple of dollar tip for a delivery was OK in NYC (although those cheapos at The Good Wife sure could have added a few more bucks!). Sometimes a delivery guy just has to walk around the corner to bring you your food here. Is this worth a 15% tip? I mean, you are not serving it, just bringing it. When it rains or snows, this blogger always tips more to delivery people. I respect that it sucks being outside in inclement weather, and I am especially thankful for not having to go outside those days.

Wait staff in restaurants, no doubt, should always get at least 15% unless the service is horrible. Even when I have had nightmare service (thanks, Firebird!), I have never left a penny under the plate. I always leave at least couple of bucks. Maybe that’s stupidity or over-generosity on my part.

Did you know it is perfectly legal to pay less than minimum wage to wait staff, the idea being that a good portion of what they are paid are tips and tips are considered to be part of their salary? For example, in NYC, the minimum wage is $7.25, but for wait staff, it is $4.60.

People in the food and beverage service industry depend on tips to live. This is a fact. This, however, doesn’t mean all tipping is created equal. A fifteen dollar tip to bring two bags of food around the corner to my house? No, I don’t think so, Larry. However, if you are in a restaurant, and you don’t want to tip accordingly, you should stay home and make yourself some Mac N’Cheese.

Tumblr was really pissed at Larry and told him to take the addresses of the bad tippers down from his blog, which he did. We checked out 15% this morning, and it says under the title “Fin”, “I haven’t updated for three days, and in case you haven’t figured it out, this blog is dead again.” Larry wrote an article this morning which says he was fired for having created the blog, which he said was a means to hold people accountable for their stinginess.

Well, Larry, JOIN THE CLUB! It totally sucks to get fired because you create a forum intended to hold people accountable for being jerks! We may not totally agree with your take on tipping practices, but we 100% agree with the importance of making the world accountable.

That’s why we created! We support you, Larry! We will not let your idea die!

If any of you out there have some bad tipper stories you want to post, please feel free to 'burn' them in the Rude People section of If we get enough posts on this subject, we will make a separate “Bad Tippers/Bad Service” category.

Were gonna give away a few t shirts to those with the best bad tipper burns, so click here to make your first 'burn' about this topic.

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