Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Who Really Complained To the St. Francis Prep Administration About Marla (formerly Mark) Krolikowski?

Several things have been brought to our attention in recent days, and we want to fill you in. The first thing is, that contrary to what you've heard, there was no parent who complained about Mark Krolikowski's feminine appearance at St. Francis Prep. It was a religion teacher, someone in Mark's own department, who went to Patrick McLaughlin to complain about him. This teacher's name is Sue Sparagna. 

Ms. Sparagna had complained to Mr. McLaughlin that Mark was acting out in his transgender persona and it was disrupting the department. She said that no one could stand it anymore. Sounds like discrimination to us!

What is ironic is, that Ms. Sparagna had told EC that several years ago, she herself had been put on professional probation after having been accused by former Religion Department Chair Sally Ryder of having an inappropriate relationship with a girl.

I guess having stones thrown at you doesn't stop you from throwing stones at others. How Franciscan!

We also want to let you know we have been contacted about several other sexual harassers and/or abusers at Prep. So if you have been the victim of misconduct by Paul DeCurtis, Fred Motley, Fernando Sicilia, or former Principal Br. Michael Moran OSF, please let us or Attorney Kevin Mulhearn know. We'll be blogging about these men in coming days.

We also want to let you know to keep an eye on the media next week. Several new lawsuits are being filed against St. Francis Prep next week as a result of these blogs having been published. 

Ok, that's it for now. We missed y'all!

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