Sunday, January 6, 2013

One Little Text Means a Lot!

In light of Newtown, I think one of the major concerns for parents now, if not before, is that there child is safe at school. How would you feel if your child was asked to be a security guard at his own school?

Here's a text I received from a former student shortly after I was "terminated" by SFP:

This student and his friend he refers to were seniors at the time. What do you think about that? I thought the school was supposed to protect the children who attend, and not the other way around.

In 2002, few years before I started working at St. Francis Prep, a homeless man walked into the building and set fire to the cafeteria.  You can read about the incident at this link:  How would an untrained minor handle such a situation? What if this happened again and the perpetrator had a knife?

Just something to think about, especially in light of recent tragic events.

Ok, that's all for now!

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  1. The bad thing about being 'terminated' is that if you knew (or suspected) something was going on, did you go to the proper authorities and report it? Did you go all the way to the top? Because, if you didn't, then you look like just another disgruntled employee and your credibility goes down the tubes.

    When I worked for the Department of Homeland Security, there were major safety violations going on. I compiled them, and wrote everyone right up to the top (return receipt requested) so I had documentation of what was going on. Then, when I left, I kept on. BUT, the difference was, I didn't look like a disgruntled employee, I looked like I was still on a mission...

    Just sayin... Lots of people get jobs and learn things that bother them, but don't do anything until they get fired, then let it all out. But, when that happens, they just look scorned, and you don't know what is the truth or a lie because they are mad about being fired.

    Seems like the school needs an independent investigation, and I bet they will find more than they are looking for, too...